What to Expect When Moving Out for the First Time

What to Expect When Moving Out for the First Time

You’ve been waiting for the day you find a place to call your own. Moving out for the first time is a big step and you want to be prepared for your new life flying solo. Here is what to expect when moving out on your own:

Financial Impact

If you have been living rent free with your parents you are in for a rude awakening when it comes to your pocket book. Be prepared for your finances to take a good hit. Paying rent and paying your own bills will have a huge impact on how you spend your money. You have to take a close look at your income and plan your spending so you don’t wind up being unable to pay your bills. The better you plan, the better chance there is you will still have enough money to enjoy a dinner out, movies with friends and that favourite cappuccino on your way to work each morning.

Home Sick

Once you move out you will feel home sick. You have to be prepared to miss your old home and the comfort and convenience of being with your family. Although you will miss home stay focused on creating your own comfortable living space and you will gradually see it begins to feel more and more like home. And remember family is just a phone call, text or email away so you don’t feel completely alone.


You’ve been spoiled by having home cooking available to you when living at home. Once you venture out on your own you will learn that cooking isn’t easy in the beginning. However it will just be a matter of time before you find your way around the kitchen even it is just to pop a frozen dinner in the microwave each night.

Expense Reality Check

It is easy to take the little things for granted when you are living at home. You might not realize how much everything costs until you have to start reaching into your own pocket to pay for them. You will start paying attention to the little costs such as bank fees, internet, and cell phone overages because you will have to make sure you have the money to cover them on your own.

Having your first place will help you establish your independence and enjoy all the freedom that comes along with it.


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