Life on the Road: What It’s Like to Be a Truck Driver

Life on the Road: What It’s Like to Be a Truck Driver

The life of an trucker might not be for everyone, but for those who love the idea of being out on the open road it could be the perfect career. Here is what life on the road is like for a owner-operator trucker:

A Day in the Life

A typical day for a trucker does not just mean hopping into a truck and hitting the road. Truck drivers have many different responsibilities including keeping an accurate log of their hours on the road, the safety of their rig, and even paying attention to weather conditions prior to a trip. Truck drivers also need to spend a lot of time waiting. There are waits at the border for U.S. hauls, waits in lines to get to the receiving dock, and waits for trucks to get loaded or unloaded.

For some drivers they are not paid for this time and instead are only paid for hours on the road. It can also be lonely as a truck driver, eating at restaurants or in the cab of the truck with fast food or packed lunches. Last but not least you have to keep an eye on the clock and be certain you are not going over the hours allowed by the Ministry of Transportation for safety reasons. At the end of the day you may be sleeping in your cab, a hotel or back at home if you take on shorter hauls.

Constant Challenges

Truck driving can be quite challenging. You can be faced with terrible weather conditions, dangerous drivers with whom you must share the road and the added stress of getting caught in traffic over and over again. You will also be barreling down the highway in a powerful machine that can cause a lot of damage. Even if it isn’t your fault the stress of being in a potentially deadly accident often weighs down on some drivers.

Patience is a virtue for truck drivers who spend just as much time waiting in lines, traffic and receiving docks as they do driving. In some cases work may come and go depending on your arrangements but for many trucking can prove to be quite lucrative.

Trucking allows you to choose the way you want to work be it as an independent driver or working for a transportation company. Life on the road can be lonely, but also prove to be a fulfilling career.

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