5 Office Renovations To Refresh Your Business Interior in 2022

5 Office Renovations To Refresh Your Business Interior in 2022

As the world around us changes, businesses must adapt and evolve with those changes if they want to remain successful. Though the past three years have presented many challenges for businesses of all sizes, now is an ideal time to restructure and re-strategize to maximize productivity and safety once things open up completely. Below, we’ve outlined the top office renovations to refresh your business interior in 2022 so you can put your best foot forward and create an environment where employees can be as efficient and productive as possible.

Using Transparent Materials

After being confined indoors for such an extended period of time, many of us are craving as much daylight as we can get – and that includes during office hours. For this reason, one of the biggest trends for office renovations in 2022 is utilizing transparent materials. Using glass as partitions and installing panoramic windows can dramatically transform any office environment from looking stuffy and corporate to bright, airy and uplifting. Aside from improving the aesthetics, allowing more natural daylight to filter inside can promote a more positive and pleasant workspace, which is something most employees want and need these days. 

Creating Relaxed Zones to Encourage Creativity

Employees are the backbone of any successful business and keeping them happy is important to reduce turnover rates. A simple way to help your team stay on top while reducing stress and burnout is to integrate designated zones in the office where they can relax and unwind between meetings or throughout the day. These areas need to be strategically designed for comfort and flexibility by having the right seating, space, charging ports and any other pertinent details included. In addition to reducing work related stress, these zones can also stimulate creativity during brainstorming sessions and improve concentration which is why many companies are jumping on board with this surging trend.

Bring Nature Indoors

Many of us have been spending time among nature as a means of solace and reprieve during the past few turbulent years, and it’s safe to say we appreciate it more than ever. As a result, more commercial designs are focusing on simple and innovative ways to integrate those similar feel-good properties from the outdoors inside. Adding plants throughout the office is a great way to start and it has many benefits. However, we’re seeing offices being modernized with more elaborate features like internal green spaces, living green walls, and even trees planted in interior courtyards. Installing green elements is also a smart way to swap out artificial décor and materials for eco-friendly options that can benefit your entire team and of course, the planet.

Use Nature-Inspired Colours

Since nature inspired designs are so popular right now, it’s a good time to retire the 50 shades of grey that are common in many offices. We know that colour has a drastic impact on our mood, so consider adding more warm and earthy colours to the space instead. Soft pastels, warm neutrals, and botanical greens are all excellent choices that can elevate those tranquil and rejuvenating vibes we love from the outdoors. 

Office Pods

Modern offices are typically open concept, which can be challenging when privacy is needed for meetings or client calls. That’s where office pods come into play. These are a step above the creative zones. Rather than having a communal design, office pods are enclosed to enable employees to brainstorm, focus, converge and discuss without disturbing other employees or clients. By utilizing glass with these pod designs, they can still promote as much brightness and airiness throughout the office while giving individuals a space for peace and quiet when needed. 

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