How to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

How to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

No smartphone lasts forever. That being said, there are some things you can do to extend its life, starting with good battery health. Most smartphones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries because of their light and compact design. They also have a decent longevity. Each generally has 500 cycles, give or take a few, which amounts to around a year and a half. A battery cycle is measured by one full charge of zero to 100. 

At the extremes, such as closer to zero or at 100 percent, your battery will be stressed. Therefore, the more full charge cycles and depletions it goes through, the sooner you’ll have to change it. With that in mind, how can you maximize your battery life and slow the depletion of its cycles? By keeping it only partially charged, so that you can wait longer before replacing it. Here are some ways to do exactly that.

Don’t Overcharge Your Phone

One of the biggest contenders for destroying your phone’s battery health is letting it remain plugged in past 100 percent. Many people have this habit and don’t realize the damage it causes to their batteries. Think about it — how many times have you plugged your phone in overnight while you slept? Overcharging your phone overheats the battery, just like leaving it in the sun or a hot car. Ideally, your phone should reach a maximum percentage of 85 percent, which should be enough juice for while you’re out and about. Some devices allow you to set a battery charge threshold that stops after a certain percentage as well, which is super handy in this regard. 

Don’t Let Your Phone Die

Similar to overcharging it, running your phone down to zero before you plug it in also stresses the battery. Keep an eye on it, since your smartphone doesn’t notify you that it’s running low on battery until you’re at 20 percent and, in an ideal world you don’t want it to fall below 25 percent anyway. A happy medium of 25 to 85 percent is generally the best bet for maintaining your smartphone’s battery life.

Turn Down The Screen’s Brightness

If you put your phone in dark mode, night mode, or on auto-brightness, you can save 30 to 50 percent of your phone’s battery on one charge cycle, which means your battery lifespan will be longer overall. 

You should make use of your phone’s auto-brightness feature because it’s easy to forget to dim your screen’s brightness if you’ve increased it in the daylight. Auto-brightness adjusts the screen based on your environment without you having to do anything. It’s also good for your eye health.

Pay Attention to Battery Settings

Delete apps that you no longer or never used, especially those that consume a lot of RAM and put strain on your phone’s hardware (this generates heat). You can go into your battery settings and see which apps are using up most of it. Your battery settings will also let you know how much time you spend on the apps you use regularly and whether you were connected to the charger when you were using them. If you spent two hours on an app connected to a charger, for instance, you were probably overcharging your battery without knowing it. 

Use Low Power Mode

Do you want to know how much battery life your device has left during the charge cycle? Then, when you turn on low power mode, your device will display the percentage remaining next to the battery icon, so you no longer have to guess when it’s time to plug it in. 
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