Everyday Maintenance: How you can care for your home

Everyday Maintenance: How you can care for your home

Keeping on top of maintenance is all part of being a homeowner. And by doing a bit of everyday maintenance, you can make it easier to care for your home while minimizing potential issues and costly repairs. Here is a quick overview of the key areas that should be proactively maintained or inspected on a regular basis. 

The Furnace

Periodic maintenance and inspections are essential for keeping your furnace operating safely and efficiently. If you notice damage or if something seems to be off with the HVAC system, it’s best to call in a licensed technician to have a thorough look. However, here are some basic maintenance steps that you can take care of to keep it safe: 

  • Gently dust and vacuum around components to remove debris
  • Perform visual inspections of the vent and air intake grilles to make sure everything is securely fastened
  • Check heat exchange for signs of damage
  • Replace the filter every three to four months

Air Conditioning

To keep your HVAC system functioning properly and your electricity bills lower, don’t neglect the air conditioning system. It has a filter that will need to be routinely replaced or cleaned. For the outdoor unit, make sure to keep the surrounding area clean from dirt and debris. Regular maintenance of the HVAC unit will allow your cooling and heating systems to distribute air throughout your home more evenly. If the A/C isn’t working as it should, have an HVAC professional inspect and repair any problems.

Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners don’t realize just how polluted their indoor air quality is. The combination of varnishes, household cleaners, pet dander, mould and more can often linger in the air unremittingly, creating an unhealthy and uncomfortable environment to live in. Two of the major culprits of polluted indoor air are an unmaintained HVAC system and carpeting. To improve your indoor air quality and reduce hazardous pollutants, vacuum any carpets throughout your house on a weekly basis, including air vents. If you have pets, it’s recommended to do this more frequently. Though regular vacuuming is suitable for reducing superficial layers of dirt, it won’t tackle the deeper layers that can trigger allergy flare-ups, respiratory issues and more. Have the ductworks, which distribute the air in your home, professionally cleaned at least once each year. The same should apply to any carpets.

The Fireplace and Chimney

Any type of fireplace requires upkeep, cleaning and inspections every so often to ensure it is safe to use. Before lighting yours for the season, clean the interior portion of the fireplace to remove any dust. Always use the right wood to burn, and check that the fire detector and carbon monoxide detector are working. For those with an authentic fireplace, have the chimney inspected and cleaned each year before using it.


When it comes to the masonry, the best way to take care of it is by checking for any signs of water damage and efflorescence regularly. If it’s looking grungy, avoid using any pressure washers on brick as this can cause damage to it. If you notice any red flags with the masonry around your home, call in an expert. 


To protect your roof and foundation, keep the eavestroughs clear from debris to prevent any water dams or water pooling. Since climbing up near the roof can be dangerous, it’s best to have it done by an expert who can navigate around wires and handle heights. Also, look out for any signs of leaks in the attic, on the ceilings or along walls in your home. If there are any tree limbs hanging over the roof, trim them back to minimize the risk of damage to your roof.

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