Cleaning a Sun Cover

Cleaning a Sun Cover

Sun cover, solar blanket, solar pool cover.  Regardless of what you call your summer pool cover, it works tirelessly to heat your water and keep foreign debris at a minimum.  Typically manufactured from vinyl, polypropylene, or Ultra Violet stabilized polyethylene, dirt, pollen and mold spores will adhere to the sun cover material.  To avoid polluting your swimming pool water and keep your blanket at optimal performance, pool owners should consider washing a sun cover at least once a month.

How to Clean a Sun Cover?

To clean a sun cover, you will need access to a telescoping pole, a pool brush and ideally a sun cover disinfectant cleaner.

Start the process by running your circulation pump.  Hose off any surface leaves or dirt directly into the pool skimmer.  By running the circulation pump, you are sending the flotsam and jetsam through the skimmer to the filter instead of into the pool water.  Keep in mind the leaf trap may need emptying at this point.

Once the initial hosing off is complete, you want to spread or spray your disinfectant cleaner over the sun cover.  Follow directions, as some cleaners require a setting time, others can be scrubbed immediately.  Using your telescoping pole and pool brush, you can proceed to scrub the surface.  When done, hose off the cleaner into your skimmer opening.  Once the surface has been cleaned, it is recommended to repeat the same steps on the underside.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

In the event your sun cover has dirt or algae embedded in the seams, it is advisable to remove the sun cover from the pool and scrub on a lawn or patio surface.  This will allow for better cleaning in the seam recesses and crevices.

As soon as the washing is finished, remove or roll up the sun cover.  Test your swimming pool water, and treat as necessary.  Your sun cover can be returned to the surface thereafter.

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