What to Expect from a Good Managed Services Provider

What to Expect from a Good Managed Services Provider

What exactly does a managed services provider do for clients? How does the provider give value to a client company?

Those two questions are very common among companies looking to hire a company to manage their IT services. Understanding what to expect from a good IT service provider will help your business find the right service provider for your needs.

A managed services provider is going to give you a way to outsource most, if not all, of your IT functions. Here is a brief synopsis of what services you can expect a good provider to do:

  • Computer support services are a key component. This includes doing remote backups, handling anti-virus and anti-spam software, and doing network monitoring. They will also offer managed workstation services and exchange hosting.
  • Network support services are another component you should get. This includes network cabling, disaster recovery planning, and doing IT assessments. They should also offer VOIP services, support for camera systems, and CTO/CIO executive services.
  • Onsite support services cover the rest of your technology needs. This can include IT staff augmentation, network design/build, and emergency services. They should also offer support with office moves, wiring, and technical projects.

The service provider will be working behind your firewall. That means you need to have a trustworthy company that works with you as a partner, not as a mere provider.

The price for the provider’s services is usually determined by the amount of equipment and number of users you need to be supported. So, if you have a single server and a handful of users, your cost will be lower than someone with dozens of servers and hundreds of users.

What Value Does a Provider Offer Clients?

Value is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. However, clients who go with a top service provider enjoy many benefits they never thought they would get. Here are a few highlights:

  • Offering guidance and expertise on the intersection of IT and law.
  • Availability of IT experts when needed.
  • Giving clients a proven process for support and IT management.
  • Providing the right tools for monitoring and managing client IT services.
  • Implementing the latest security measures to protect client interests.
  • Keeping the latest standards and knowledge with continuing education of personnel.

These are just a few of the things a good managed services provider like Revolution Networks offers.

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