Two Toronto teens headed in ‘One Direction’

Two Toronto teens headed in ‘One Direction’

Craaazy fans or just two hopeful, courageous teens wanting their dreams to come true? Daria and Zoe are full of excitement to attend the One Direction concert Aug 2nd, 2014 in Toronto, Canada. They also have a special invitation to take One Direction on a tour of Toronto! Will enticing them with their World Famous Egg Salad sandwiches work? As a Kid, we’ve most likely had “crushes” on a Band, Singer or Celebrity.

We’ve hoped to the moon and back we’d meet them some day, maybe get their autograph, or have their eyes meet yours for even a wee second, the thought of hearing them call out your name would leave you weak at the knees. But how many times have you ever acted on your dreams? These girls are putting it all out there. That’s why I’m reaching out to you today, to help these bright eyed teen’s dream come true! Let’s show them how the power of connection and social media can make reaching for the ‘Stars’ really possible!

For more information, and to see their interview on Canada AM, visit

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