Why Tiny Hoppers Should Be Your Kanata Daycare

Why Tiny Hoppers Should Be Your Kanata Daycare

Every parent wants what is best for their children, and finding a daycare that can provide a fun, safe, and engaging environment isn’t always easy. At Tiny Hoppers Kanata our programs are focused on entertaining, educational activities that ensure your children have the best opportunity to grow, and have the skills required to enter the school system. Here are several reasons why you should make Tiny Hoppers your Kanata daycare:

Certified Teachers

Here at Tiny Hoppers we have fully licensed teachers with the proper training to help boost your child’s literacy, as well as encouraging independence, and other learning. All of the teachers at Tiny Hoppers are fully certified by the Ministry of Education, ultimately ensuring your children are getting the best young learning experience, all while being surrounded in a safe, and fun environment. The programs are created by owner Theresa Bertuzzi, who has had plenty of firsthand experience teaching and moulding young minds as a primary school teacher.

Safety First

Safety is of the utmost importance at Tiny Hoppers, which is why all of our teachers are certified as early childhood educators, or are currently in school to complete their training. We also require all of our teachers to be fully trained in CPR and first aid in case of emergency. On top of the proper education and training we ask that all Tiny Hoppers employees go through a current background check to ensure full safety of the children and other employees. The final requirement that we ask of all our employees is that they enjoy teaching, and have a caring heart, as we want the children we teach to feel welcome, comfortable and safe.

Engaging Atmosphere

The Tiny Hoppers Kanata our environment is meant to provide children with plenty of learning and stimulation. We concentrate on keeping the children entrained and engaged using activities which are educational and fun. Some of these activities can include athletic games such as parachute, or more educational games such as the change of light. Every one of our programs is made to boost the curriculum your children will undergo in the school system. Even our younger preschool and toddler programs are certified through the Secretary of State for Education.

By sending your children to Tiny Hoppers Kanata they will receive the best learning experience that is currently offered, as well as come home with a giant smile on their face knowing that they had a great day of educational, engaging fun.

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