Furnishing Your First Place on a Budget

Furnishing Your First Place on a Budget

Getting your first place is exciting and as much as you think furnishing and decorating it will be fun, it can easily become overwhelming. Many individuals (including first time home buyers) tend to forget about the costs associated with having to purchase new things, and can even end up forgetting important living essentials. To avoid this and try following these three steps that will ultimately make your move easier, and save you bank bank book from the garbage:

Start Collecting

You’ve most likely been thinking about getting your own place for quite some time, so why leave everything until the last minute? One of the best things you can do before your move is prepare ahead of time – this includes gradually collecting items you’ll need for when you move out on your own.

To start off your moving collection make sure that you have a place to store several items and necessities, as this can save you from overcrowding your current living space. It is best to collect items that can easily be stored in boxes or easily stacked on other items. Some of the items that you should collect gradually include but are not limited to:

– Tableware
– Kitchen necessities (e.g. pots, pans, oven mitts)
– Linens (e.g. towels, bedding)
– Small pieces of furniture (e.g. coffee table, shelving, art)

By collecting small items over time your bank balance won’t take a major hit all at once, and you’ll free more prepared and organized. It is important when moving to a new place that you feel comfortable, and you’ll be thanking yourself for thinking of little necessities that could have been easily forgotten.

Bargain Hunting

Bargain hunting is a great way to save money, and you may even come across a truly unique item that suits your personality and design perfectly. There are many places where you can look for bargains in your city or neighbourhood, some of these can include:

– Garage sales
– Discount shops
– Flea markets

All of the places listed above are great sources of bargains, but it can also take some time to come across the item or price you’re looking for. When preparing to move out start looking for bargains ahead of time, and even try to schedule your garage sale visits. To hunt down some great items at garage sales try looking in different neighbourhoods in you city; nicer suburban areas may have different things to offer compared to other areas such as a student majority neighbourhood.

Discount shops can also be another good source of bargain shopping, but again require time and planning. The best thing to look out for is the discount shop flyer. Once you have spotted something in the flyer you’re interested in, pay attention to date of the sale. If you believe that the item you’re interested in will be popular by others, consider going to the store as soon as you can, once the sale is in effect.

Free Is Not Always Fabulous

Friends and family members must be happy for you as you’re taking the step of getting your own place, and will most likely try to help out in any way that they can.  As much as you love them, and appreciate them, it is okay to say no to certain things.

If you’re offered help moving by friends, family or acquaintances you don’t have to say yes to everyone. You should ask yourself if you trust them handling your items, and even if they expect something big in return. Of course you’ll be thankful for the time and effort they’ve given you, and you’ll probably do something to show your appreciation, but if they happen to expect a big favour in return than sometimes their help truly isn’t free.

Some family members and friends may even try to offer their help in others ways such as offering to give you something you may need for you new place, either for free or at a very reasonable price. Before you say yes, or agree to any of their offers be sure that you have seen the item or items personally, as sometimes a photo does not do justice. If they offer you something you really do not need, or something you already have, do not be afraid to say no or decline their offer. One person’s trash is not always another person’s treasure.

By following these three tips you’ll have the necessities needed for your first move, and you can relax knowing that your bank balance is not going to be overly effected.

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