Ahhh, Valentine’s Day

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. The day when love is in the air and romance is all around. Coincidentally it’s also the halfway point of February, but that’s not as important.

Some people claim that Valentine’s Day has become another greeting card holiday where department stores rake in the money of everyone going out and buying things for their significant others. Personally, I think these people have been hurt in the past and have no joy or love left in their lives. Sad. So very, very sad.

But all is not well on this the day of romantic days. If you really think about it, there are three kinds of people that emerge on Valentine’s Day. The first is the most obvious: Those in the relationships. This includes any relationship, from the newly formed “can’t keep their hands off each other kind,” all the way to the “we’ve been together for 50 years and I still love her,” kind. In truth, that’s what the day is all about; people who care about each other celebrating the fact that they care about each other.

But that’s not how everybody feels. Remember how I said three kinds of people emerge on Valentine’s Day? Well, numbers two and three aren’t the “lovey-dovey gotta have each other now” kinds of people. Sometimes on this day, you’re either depressed because you’re single or depressed because you’re in a relationship. Plenty of people who are single at this time of year get reminded that they’re single and feel incredibly lonely about it, while others who are in a relationship wish that they weren’t so that they could be single and go sleep with whoever they happen to run into.

Tell me I’m wrong, I dare yah.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not a cynic. Personally I love Valentine’s Day and all that it represents, both the materialistic side and the emotional side. And I, my dedicated readers, am here to be your silver lining if you fall into one of the other two categories. You people in the first one might as well stop reading right now. You’re happy, you have someone you love and who loves you, so why are you wasting time reading this article? Go and enjoy Valentine’s Day for God’s sake!

If you’re in a relationship and the spark may have been extinguished, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people out there who feel the same way you do. But you’re looking at today all wrong. Today shouldn’t be a reminder that you’re stuck with someone instead of re-living your single days, today is the perfect chance to try and get that spark going again. Do something romantic, something spontaneous, something unexpected and with your significant other’s interests in mind. Try and remind yourself of why you fell for them in the first place and then use that to fuel your fire. If the spark is gone, be the one to re-ignite it. It’s not just going to get itself going again spontaneously.

And as for those of you that are single, I’m going to give you all some advice.

I know the cold reminder of your situation isn’t any fun. You see people holding hands all the time, eating together, making out in the park, the guy buys the girl a rose or gives her chocolates, the list goes on and on. It sucks. I can relate, I’ve been there. But here’s the amazing part about your situation.

News flash: You are SINGLE!!

You don’t have to worry about what someone else is going to think! You don’t have to plan some grandiose thing in order to make someone happy! You can do whatever you want! Go out to a club, hang out with friends, do a bad movie marathon and eat so much junk food that you enter into a mini coma, the possibilities are endless here people! Or if it’s really getting to you, plan a party as to how much you hate Valentine’s Day, invite a bunch of single friends, get everyone hammered and, hey, maybe you won’t be single by the time the night is over. It’s something straight out of a movie but you never know, it might actually work.

I’m ranting a bit by now, but my point is still valid. Being down on yourself will accomplish nothing, and it won’t make people want to spend any time with you either. Think about it, who would you rather hang out with: Option A) The fun, outgoing friend who does as they please and doesn’t look grumpy all the time. Or, Option B) The friend that sits around moping about how they’re by themselves and no one wants to hang out with them.

Probably going to go for the first one, aren’t yah?

It can suck, believe me I know. I’ve had more than enough Valentine’s Days by myself to understand how it feels, but feeling that way won’t change the situation and it won’t make things better. If you have no one to love than just try loving yourself. Go do something that feels good and puts a smile on your face. Hell, buy yourself chocolates if that’s what you want to do. Who cares what everyone else thinks about it. Every day we get can be a good one, but the choice has to come from us.

So make the choice, and make it a good one. And I wish you all, whatever your situation, a great Valentine’s Day.


A young writer, novelist, and playwright from Ottawa, Dave Coleman covers topics like books & literature, theatre, and the arts.

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