5 Reasons to Invest in a Metal Roof

5 Reasons to Invest in a Metal Roof

Many Ottawa homeowners are trading in their traditional asphalt roofing shingles for new metal roofing options, recommended by expert contractors including Mike Holmes. If your roof is in need of updates and you are still weighing the pros and cons of different materials, here are five factors that may persuade you towards a metal roof.

Metal Roofs Are Resistant to Environmental Factors

Metal roofing materials are so much more durable and dependable than traditional roofing materials. You won’t have to worry about wind or weather eroding or damaging your metal roof in the way that a strong storm could affect traditional construction materials like asphalt and stone shingles. This is a particular benefit for Ottawa roofing, as our Ottawa environment ranges so drastically – from freezing temperatures and snow, to hail and rain, to sun and heat!

Metal Roofs Last Up to 50 years – 3 to 4 Times Longer Than Traditional Shingles

If you are planning on staying in your home for a while and want to maximize your return on investment, you’ll want to consider a metal roof the next time you are due for a replacement. Though a metal roof can require a bit more cash upfront, it is much more durable than traditional roofing materials and will last much longer, saving you money – and a headache – in the long run.

Metal Roofs Will Increase Your Energy Efficiency and Lower Energy Costs

Metal roofs are capable of reflecting a lot of unnecessary and unwanted heat, especially over the summer months. Therefore, a quality metal roof is going to dramatically improve your energy bills and your energy efficiency – helping you cut costs while enjoying a cool, comfortable temperature in your home.

Metal Roofs Conform to Unique Structural Patterns

Each metal roof is a true “one-of-a-kind” solution, built right on site, so they can be adapted to any roof pattern or construction shape imaginable. This makes these materials incredibly useful on non-traditional roof pitches and configurations where more traditional materials could struggle to provide effective coverage and weather protection.

Metal Roofs Cater to a Wide Variety of Style Options

Metal roofing provides a seamless, sleek look, available in a wide variety of textures and colours to compliment any exterior design. A quality metal roof is sure to boost your overall curb appeal and make your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

Metal roofing offers a wide variety of benefits over traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles. Many Ottawa homeowners are making the switch to metal roofing to enjoy these benefits including modern style and durability against Ottawa’s ever-changing environmental conditions.


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