10 Reasons You Need to Have an Adult Halloween Party

10 Reasons You Need to Have an Adult Halloween Party

Halloween is largely believed to be a day for children. And although that may be true, there is absolutely room for adults to have a piece of the Halloween action! Here are ten reasons why adults absolutely need to have a Halloween party.

1- Dressing up is fun

Even if you moan and groan about it for weeks before the party, you have to admit that choosing a costume and dressing up is totally fun. You can laugh at other people’s costumes and probably laugh at your own too. But really, it’s fun to dress up in a ridiculous costume for just one night and act like idiots with your grown up friends.

2- We all work too hard and need a night off

Being an adult is a lot of work. There’s responsibility around every corner and obligations everywhere you turn. Having a night to let loose and just laugh with friends is crucial to adult survival.

3- Candy is amazing

Any age can enjoy buckets full of candy. You don’t have to be a kid dressed as a dinosaur going door to door to appreciate how awesome it is to have an endless supply of candy right in front of you. Dig in. Enjoy the candy while it’s here! We all need a little extra padding to keep us warm in the winter anyways…

4- The world sort of sucks right now

With all of the horrible things going on around us in the world, there is no question that we need a little stress-free fun in our lives. Watching the news for even just a few minutes will show you just how scary the world is at the moment. We all could use a little laughter and a few social adult beverages with friends.

5- Bring scary back into Halloween

If you have young kids you likely haven’t taken the scary haunting approach to Halloween just yet. It’s more pumpkins and scarecrows and not zombies and werewolves. Well when you have an adult Halloween party you can make it as scary as you want. Scary can be your mission statement for the night!

6- Kids always have all the fun

Kids have so many opportunities to play and party, why shouldn’t adults demand the same thing? We need to laugh and burn off steam almost as much as kids do, so plan an adult Halloween party and show kids that adults know how to party.

7- Christmas is just too far away

With the holidays so spread out this time of year, there isn’t really much to look forward to in way of parties and fun gatherings. Halloween is perfectly placed after thanksgiving and far enough in advance from Christmas to give adults a reason to get together and party. If you ignore Halloween you are setting your social calendar up for a boring fall.

8- Adults require an excuse to get together

Have you ever noticed that life is crazy busy when you’re an adult and that finding time to hang out with your friends can be challenging? Well having a Halloween party on the books is a perfect way to ensure you are able to spend social time with your friends.

9- You can get creative in gross ways

When you’re throwing a Halloween party for kids you aren’t likely going to have drinks coming out of a coffin with a dead guy in there keeping them cold. Serve chip dip coming out of a broken skull, and make your snacks look like dead spiders. The nastier the better.

10- Life is too short

If you make excuses up for not doing fun things then your life will pass you by rather uneventfully. Enjoy your time and make the most of every holiday we are given!

Halloween is a fantastic time of year and shouldn’t be taken over by trick or treaters and kid friendly activities. Take back Halloween and have an adult Halloween party this year!


Faith Murray is a stay-at-home Mom and former law clerk from Ottawa, ON. Her passions include country music and beating her husband at Scrabble.

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