Tips for Keeping Employees Motivated and Engaged

Tips for Keeping Employees Motivated and Engaged

Employees are the vital gears that continue to push a company forward, and employers are at the controls, steering the entire group. If you as the employer take your hands off the wheel, the company is sure to veer from its trajectory. If your employees feel uninspired or lack motivation, one by one the gears will stop turning. Here are some actionable ways to keep employees engaged and motivated.

Transparency is Key

Too many companies fall victim to managerial frustration, poisoning the entire work environment. The best approach to keeping employees engaged (and even inspired) is to treat them with respect and openness. Take responsibility for your mistakes and own up to them before passing the blame along. Don’t take out frustrations out on staff, and always remain composed, no matter the issue at hand. Be willing to accept ambiguity in the form of sudden family deaths, illnesses, and other factors employees have no control over. If you treat employees the way you want to be treated, you’ll be amazed at how well everybody connects and gets along. In turn, this contributes to improve creativity, better work quality and quicker turnaround time on projects.

Don’t be Afraid of Addressing Upper Management Issues

Should other higher-ups be causing unnecessary stress or emotional problems for employees lower on the ladder, it’s best to eliminate the problem from the source rather than take the easy way out. Your employees will be grateful towards you, and the overall environment might become more productive and engaging as a result. No drama makes for a more worthwhile place to go to every day. You’d be amazed at how well this works.

Be Clear When Communicating

When higher-ups in a company set out a vision or plan, it’s important that everyone in the same working environment fully understands what their responsibilities and tasks are. If muddled, unclear instructions are presented, rest assured it will lead to chaos. Encourage employees to request assistance and information, and try to get a firm understanding of what their own working environments are like on the lower floors.

Make it Enjoyable

Ordering pizza once a week, rewarding with bonuses, awards or trips for good work, or even allowing employees to listen to their own music or decorate their workstations can make for a vastly more engaging and positive atmosphere. Just because you’re coming into work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. Be sure to nip any “bad apples” in the bud, as they can easily poison the environment and sap the positive energy of others in no time. Reinforce an environment of support, positivity and collaboration for a healthy workplace.

If there are any internal issues in the office, confront them in a professional matter, reinforcing the values of the office. More often than not, if you create a professional environment where everyone feels valued for their contribution, you are apt to have a happy, engaged workforce ready to work together towards the company’s mutual cause.

If you are unsure if your workforce is engaged, it is a good idea to consider an employee engagement survey. A survey like this can be filled out anonymously, and provide valuable insights on factors that impact your employees’ engagement at work. Factors could include feeling of value and recognition, compensation and benefits, advancement opportunities, workplace culture, and more. Obtaining these insights will help your company grow stronger into the future.


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