Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain, Rain

We’ve been hearing it for days, even weeks Ottawa. “The forecast for today includes light to heavy rainfall”. It’s no longer news, it’s just the way of our existence. After a long and cold winter we thought there might be some sunlight at the end of the tunnel! But here we are at the beginning of May and the tunnel is as dark and gloomy as can be. So what do we do when weather gets us down? We complain about it obviously!

Here in Ottawa, it seems like we can never be satisfied with the weather we are given. “It’s too cold, there’s too much snow, it’s too wet, it’s too dry, it’s too humid, it’s too hot.” We sound like an episode of a whining Caillou on repeat. So let’s assess the current rain situation a little farther, see if our whining is justified.

If you live in Gatineau, Quebec you absolutely have reason to complain. The intensity and relentless nature of rain falling over the past few weeks has made it impossible for the ground to soak it up and therefore has contributed to runoffs from the Ottawa River. Many neighbourhoods are currently under a voluntary evacuation while others have already experienced intense flooding in their homes or cottages. Reports show that this is the worst reported flooding in over 20 years for the area. OK, so Gatineau residents have every right to complain.

How about in Ottawa? Ottawa hasn’t experienced flooding, at least not to the degree of what Gatineau is currently going through. Of course with the heavy volume of rain the capital city has received there are some reports of flooding, but again they are minor in comparison.

And yet we still feel entitled to complain! And you know what? It’s probably better to voice your complaints than to implode with the perpetual rainy day blues. Yes, we may not be in a state of emergency, but we are in a state of cabin fever! After a long and cold winter, it is hard for Ottawa residents to sit quietly indoors for yet another weekend as we watch our puddles grow outside. So what is the solution? Well, the solution is to look on the bright side and to have hope.

One rather bright and shining side we have is none other than #44 of the Ottawa Senators, our very own Ottawa-born J.G. Pageau! Your Ottawa Senators are fighting hard to win the series and send the NY Rangers back to the big apple. So if you have rainy day blues just tune into the game, or better yet go to the Canadian Tire Centre and soak it up in person! Cheering on our city’s NHL team is a fantastic way to warm you from the inside out.  To purchase tickets or brush up on your Sens knowledge visit https://www.nhl.com/senators/tickets/playoff-hub

Another bright side is that it’s Canada’s 150 birthday this year, and that means entertainment is on the horizon. Simply because we are washed out at the moment, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of fun in the pipeline. For a full list of Ottawa 2017 events visit http://www.ottawa2017.ca/events/signature-events/

We’ve been down this road before Ottawa. We know that bad, unpredictable weather is just a small part of living in this great city of ours. Go discover a new restaurant or see a movie. Spend some time in one of Ottawa’s fantastic malls. Have your friends over for a long overdue dinner party. Don’t let the rain wash away your spirit! And above all remember….. Go SENS Go!!!!!!!!


Faith Murray is a stay-at-home Mom and former law clerk from Ottawa, ON. Her passions include country music and beating her husband at Scrabble.

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