Planning the Perfect Home Addition

Planning the Perfect Home Addition

When you bought your current home one or five or even twenty years ago, you likely imagined that you’d have a home for life. But circumstances change, and eventually your old dream home can no longer seem suitable to meet your family’s current needs. Fortunately, home additions are the ideal way to transform your home to make it suit your growing needs without having to go through the hassle and stress of relocating. Give your family home a much-needed expansion by planning the perfect home addition:

What Are Your Space Needs?

Before you do anything, you must decide what problems you are trying to solve. If your family argues over bathroom time in the morning, a spacious bathroom addition is a must-have. Do you want more entertaining space? A larger kitchen? A warm and inviting sunroom? A spacious master retreat? If you can articulate your space needs going forward, it will be easy to plan and design your home addition.

Finding the Right Contractor

You’ll want to find a contractor who can work with you to plan and design your dream home addition. Large companies are often spread too thin and don’t have the time and attention to devote to your project. Small companies may not have the resources or experience to complete your home addition on time or in the manner you’d expect. That’s why you should choose a medium-sized boutique operation like Holland Renovations. The owners manage your project directly and make sure you get the highest-quality construction possible.

Plan & Design

Next you must choose your layout, materials, finishes, and more. The team at your renovation company will work with you to find the most attractive and durable materials that suit your budget and the overall aesthetic look of your home addition. No two renovations are unique, and you can choose every last detail. The best planned home additions perfectly serve the practical needs of the family, improve the functionality of the home, look incredibly attractive, and add to the resale value of the home down the road.

Enjoy Your New Addition

Your renovation will be built quickly with an attention to timeline and budget. Then your family can enjoy the expanded footprint of the home. Whether you sought to build a new master retreat, gorgeous outdoor living space, or elegant family room, with proper planning and design you can have the perfect home addition in no time.

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