Outdoor Walking Safety Tips for Seniors

Outdoor Walking Safety Tips for Seniors

As the weather worsens and the streets and sidewalks become coated in snow and ice, it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on our senior population in order to help reduce the potential of slips and falls. Any minor fall can end up becoming a major impediment and danger for an elderly loved one. So let’s be proactive about helping to minimize any accidents so that our seniors can stay safely on their feet when outdoors. Here are some outdoor walking safety tips for seniors to help achieve that.

Assistance when Carry Items

If your senior loved one has items to carry – maybe after grocery shopping – try to always have assistance on hand during those occasions so that someone can carry items for them from the car into their home. Without any free hands, it can make for a dangerous situation if there’s any uneven ground, or steps to climb.

Wear Proper Shoes

As we age, our reflexes begin to slow down, the muscle mass changes in our bodies, vision begins to diminish, and a simple walk to the store can become a greater challenge. So when it comes to what seniors wear on their feet, it’s more important than ever to have the proper shoes on. Shoes should be comfortable, have proper support and should fit well. There should also be good traction under the shoes.

Travel on Well-lit Pathways

When heading out in the evenings or after dark, always use well-lit pathways to walk on. Vision may already be an issue, so sticking to outdoor areas that are illuminated is important for avoiding any trips and falls.

Have a Charged Cell Phone

It’s always wise for your senior loved one to have a cell phone on hand. This should be fully charged and taken with them whenever they head out for the day. That way you can have some peace of mind that if anything happens they can contact you, and you can keep in touch with them if need be.

It’s important to take good care of our growing senior population, including Ottawa elderly care. And as our loved ones begin to age, their traction and balance can greatly diminish, which can increase the chances of taking a tumble. And sometimes, a little tumble can be all it takes to cause severe damage. So let’s keep our seniors safe by using some of these outdoor walking tips whenever possible.

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