5 Getaways from the Dreary Ottawa Spring Weather

5 Getaways from the Dreary Ottawa Spring Weather

Springtime in Ottawa means a lot of rain and a lack of sun – the struggle is real, especially after the positively exhausting winter we’ve had! That said, there’s a silver lining to those gloomy rainclouds. Across the globe, Springtime is the low season to travel, meaning not only cheap flights but a less crowded experience as well. After all, timing is key to save while travelling. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating adventure, discovery, ideal weather, or ultimate relaxation, the following are some awesome destinations to consider travelling to during this low-season.

Liberia and Costa Rica

If you’re looking to escape the harsh cold of Ottawa, look no further! Costa Rica provides warm temperatures all year long. Even better, springtime is their dry season, so you won’t even have to worry about the rain in the rainforest (ironic, we know). Alternatively, Liberia is the perfect place to Zen out. Try one of their many local yoga retreats or put your surfing skills to the test at one of their local beaches.

Rome and Italy

Always wanted to see the Coliseum up close? April is the most budget-friendly time to travel there, so now you have the perfect excuse to hop a plane and explore what’s on offer along the brilliant blue Mediterranean. Immerse yourself in history and view the many Roman ruins or indulge in one of the many pasta or gelato options in Italy’s iconic capital, Rome. The choice is yours – the only hard part is choosing which of the many available local excursions you have time for!

African Safari Tours

Speaking of adventure, have you dreamt of exploring the vast savannah and natural wonders of Africa, including Uganda? There’s never been a better time to escape the city and take part in an African safari. There are some really excellent tour companies in Uganda providing plenty of tourist attractions and wild game safaris. Spend a couple of days ziplining and battling the currents of the River Nile, go gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Forest, sample amazing local food, and so much more – there’s something for everyone!


Already been on a Uganda safari tour and looking for something just as exciting? First of all, we’re jealous. Secondly, India should seriously be on your shortlist. Cheap flights to Cochin, Mumbai and other stunning exotic cities in the area are widely available from trusted airfare providers – just look at these prices and try to say no! Using those rainy-day savings for cheap flights to India can offer unforgettable experiences, food, cultural encounters and photo ops during a time when you’d rather forget the miserable weather back home.


Everybody loves Mexico, even if they don’t freely admit it! The people are super-friendly, the food is stunning, and there’s a way of life there that just makes you humble and appreciative of all you have – it might even mean returning home to Canada with newfound optimism! In particular, we recommend the breathtaking but often-overlooked state of San Luis Potosi as well as massive Mexico City. Bring on the gorditas and palm trees.

Getting away is good for the mind, body and soul – nothing is more rejuvenating and capable of helping you tackle everyday life back home, and an escape from the currently-drab weather can do wonders for positivity. Whether booking gorilla safaris or cheap flights to India, there’s never been a better time to get out there and see the world.

Chances are, the weather is much better too. Just think… no more snow!


Corey Reed is an Ottawa-based freelance writer with a passion for ocean liners and retro gaming. He has published a wide variety of content including reviews, essays, and retrospectives that can be found at www.coreyreed.net.

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