Importance of Proper Roof Inspection Before Buying a New Home

Importance of Proper Roof Inspection Before Buying a New Home

Buying a home is no small endeavour. So when you think you’ve finally found “the one” it’s important to ensure that there are no underlying problems, especially when it comes to the roof. That’s why a roof inspection is so important to have before committing to a new home. So before you make that decision, here’s why you should protect yourself first by ensuring that the roof is safe and sound.

During the inspection, it should address and assess these key areas:

  • The Shingles – Any missing, broken, curled shingles are generally a sign of what sort of state the roof may be in and how much wear and tear it’s endured. Any issues with the shingles could point to larger issues beneath the surface of the roof.
  • Deteriorating Flashing & Worn Rubber – Areas around seems, such as walls, skylights, chimneys, or vent pipes should focus on the flashing and any worn rubber boots.
  • Clogged, Blocked Gutters – The gutters and downspouts are important to have intact and unclogged.
  • Lichen & Moss Growth – These are both common signs that moisture is present and there may be water damage and decay along the roof.

Talk to The Current Owner

A roof inspection should be covered by the current homeowner prior to placing it up on the market. However, that doesn’t mean it is always carried out.

It’s always best to speak with the current homeowner about the condition of the roof and whether it has been inspected.  If they haven’t, you should ask the owner to have to roof inspected before going any further with negotiations. If their answer doesn’t reassure you then it might be worth your time to take a look or have a professional roofing company inspect the condition for you.

Protect Your Investment

Either way, even when having to perform your own assessment, it can be well worth it. The roof is a major component of the home, along with the value of it. So knowing the condition of it before fully committing and signing anything is always wise. You can protect your investment and gain peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with any costly repairs in the near future.

Before buying a new home, it’s important to know that the roof is in good shape and doesn’t have any hidden surprises once you purchase. Talk to the owner to determine the condition of it and to ensure that an inspection was carried out. If there are any issues, it’s always best to try and iron them out before purchasing.


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