7 Ways to Cozy Up Your Apartment This Winter Season

7 Ways to Cozy Up Your Apartment This Winter Season

It’s hard to hide the fact that winter is here, and if you’re lucky enough to be living north of the equator, you are probably already experiencing the shorter days, colder temperature, and falling white fluff in the air. Many of us will likely be spending more time indoors this time of the year, so it’s a good time to start thinking about bringing that hygge into your apartment.

We’ve compiled a list of 8 affordable tips and ideas here that will get you started on creating a cozy atmosphere that also won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The secret? Personalize everything!

Add Greenery

Terrarium for greenery


Winters can be very long in some parts of the world. Remind yourself of warmer seasons by greening up your home with terrariums.

Plant terrariums don’t require a lot of upkeep, just some mist. Hanging plant terrariums have also been a huge hit lately. Terrariums can be found at your local floral store, or you can try searching for workshops in your city where you can create your own!

Small Live Greens:

Decorating a massive tree can be overwhelming and time consuming! Apartments don’t always allow for 12-foot trees, so here’s your solution! Tiny Grinch trees are a great way of greening up the home and still celebrating the holidays. Add your favorite ornament!

Refurbish Your Old Furniture

Refurbish old furniture

If you’re already hiding inside from the cold anyway, take that time to refurbish your small furniture pieces and give them a fresh new look!

Start small if you’re a beginner. Give your make-up stand, an old jewelry box, or an old mirror frame a fresh coat of paint (we love gold, but pick any color that speaks to you). Small pieces can be bought from your local thrift store if you’re unsure about your skills.

There are tons of tutorials and videos on these type of DIYs. Check out this quick tutorial for redoing mirror frames!

Decorate with Wreaths

Decorate with wreaths


Dress up your home with a homemade or locally store-bought wreath. It doesn’t always have to be the traditional warming piece to greet guests. Try out a pinecone wreath as an immediate talking piece to your home.


Warm Up with Lights

Warm up with lights

Cozying up a room can be all about setting the mood, and adding warm lights can do just that. Decorating your bedroom with simple string lights can create a calming atmosphere right before bedtime.

If you’re living in a small space, you can also get creative with your light decoration, like creating designs with it on your wall or draping it over your canopy.

Relax with Candles

Relax with Candles

Candles not only create a beautiful ambiance during any time of day, but the right scent will also help you relax. Lavender is great for after work wind down! Play up the mood even more by personalizing the candle with a holder of your choice.

Making your own candle can be a cool DIY project on its own!


Decorate Your Book Shelves

We’ve forgotten the beauty in a bookshelf. Not only can you highlight your books but other small art displays. We suggest a simple design like this one from IKEA. Cute bookends, family photographs, or vacation treasures can all be displayed. You can also check your local bookstores or antique shops for unique bookends.

Get Crafty

There’s nothing homier and cozier than making and displaying your own art and creations. We love dream catchers, paintings, or the wannabe vase from your new ceramics art class. Even a simple decorated mug can bring more joy to your home. We found this quick and simple DIY on how to use Sharpies on mugs and bake them to make them permanent!

Warming up your apartment this winter is all about personalizing it to make it the most relaxing space for you. After all, most of us are hibernating indoors this winter, so make your living space your own and cozy up with a nice cup of hot drink and a fuzzy blanket.


Julianna works on the product and growth marketing team at Naborly, a data-driven tenant screening service. When she's not watching Netflix, you can find her daydreaming in cafes, taking photographs, or walking around Queen Street West.

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