Hired Revolutionizes Job Hunting in Ottawa

Hired Revolutionizes Job Hunting in Ottawa

Ottawa’s tech industry is alive and well when it comes to innovation, creativity, and developing practical applications. Nowhere is this more evident than with Hired, a new platform which pulls job listings straight from company websites and displays them directly to the user. Users save time and effort, receiving relevant job listings in a daily email. Hired helps Ottawa job hunters search for jobs the smart way.

Founded by Dylan Hunt and his Shopify colleague Nick Evans, the duo are well-versed in the Ottawa tech scene and what it takes to launch and run a successful Canadian company. Hunt recognized a flaw in the current job search system, in which job hunters must scour multiple websites to find relevant job listings. Meanwhile, small businesses are often lost in the mix, as they cannot afford to pay for visibility on large job listing sites.

“Right now, it costs over $500 post jobs on larger job boards, and the smaller Ottawa businesses are not getting their jobs seen, because they just can’t afford the cost.” Hired doesn’t discriminate against small companies: “there are no compromises made about which jobs get shown. We show every job from every company that we follow, and are adding more every day.” Hired solves the dilemma for both parties in the equation, providing job hunters with a smart way to search, and connecting smaller Ottawa businesses with the right applicant.

“Hired pulls in all jobs from Ottawa companies in real time and sends them out the next morning so that the first thing our job hunters see when they wake up is how many jobs were posted the day before,” says Hunt. “We bring the jobs to the unemployed, underemployed, and those that are just interested in the market. Our users can view jobs in real time as they are posted at hiredottawa.com and set-up specific searches to customize their search and tailor the morning email to suit what they are looking for.”

Hired’s Lite service is available free of charge and includes a daily listing email and the ability to filter search terms. For $8 per month (or $48 per year with the annual plan), users can save searches, receive more specified postings based on their preferences, save jobs for future viewing, and receive direct email support.

Hired is in its early stages, but though the platform is currently limited to Ottawa, the founders have a detailed vision for expansion. As they conquer the Ottawa market, the founders plan to launch in Toronto within four months. By the end of 2015, they hope to have a footprint in Montreal or Vancouver, and expand from there. “Hired Ottawa will become Hired Canada as we have a greater footprint in more cities across the country.”

In a world before the Hired platform? Evans’ first job was as a Subway sandwich artist, and Hunt entered the job market as a dishwasher at a Sushi restaurant. The pair have come a long way, thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit and success with Hired.

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