Ottawa Business Profile: TalentMap

Ottawa Business Profile: TalentMap

TalentMap has nearly 20 years of experience providing insights and strategies for improving employee engagement. In the late 1990s, Ottawa’s first big high-tech boom provided an important opportunity to improve employee satisfaction and engagement in the workplace, as companies were losing their top talent to other industry leaders. To remain competitive, measuring and improving employee satisfaction and engagement became a necessary tool for many companies in fostering employee retention and business growth.

Employee Engagement Surveys & Business Consulting

TalentMap offers customized solutions to help companies gauge their current workplace culture and make meaningful improvements for the betterment of employees and company growth. Strategies include employee engagement surveys to gain first-hand insights from the workforce, followed by customized business consulting outlining strategies to improve employee experiences.

Research shows that employee engagement in the workplace is tied to the following factors:

  • Productivity
  • Discretionary Effort
  • Employee Retention
  • Customer Value
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Revenue
  • Profitability

“Striving for these company objectives is important not only for improving employee morale and job satisfaction, but also in improving productivity and revenue growth. Your employees are your biggest asset so an investment in your employees is an investment in your business success,” says Sean Fitzpatrick, President, TalentMap.

The Benefit of Third-Party Business Consulting


Sean Fitzpatrick, President, TalentMap

Bringing in an objective business consulting firm to conduct employee engagement surveys and lead the new strategy holds a long list of benefits. With the whole process being handled by an objective third-party, employees can feel more confident and comfortable in providing honest responses to survey questions.

If answers are going to be funnelled through HR and senior management, employees are not likely to provide an open and honest account of their feelings for fear of being identified and reprimanded. Employees will be more likely to self-censor their responses or decline participating at all. This skews the results and ultimately wastes the time and effort going into running and analysing the survey.

Another big benefit of working with a third-party consulting company is that they will provide an objective analysis of the employee responses, which will help them provide the most effective strategies for making meaningful changes in the workplace. Backed by years of experience, TalentMap understands how to shape an actionable strategy that will help businesses achieve their goals and successfully implement the strategies for maximum employee buy-in.

“When it comes down to it, doing all that work to collect data is pointless if you don’t act. Anyone can ask questions and analyze data, but TalentMap takes the step further. We help you act on your results. By putting your survey responses into action, you foster outcomes based on real business objectives. It is not just another HR initiative, then; it is a company-wide business growth initiative,” says Fitzpatrick.

TalentMap’s clients include anyone from small- and medium-sized businesses, to large organizations and multi-national companies. With decades of experience, TalentMap has worked across many different sectors, backed by comprehensive industry benchmark knowledge to help guide a successful, customized approach. Their specialties include businesses and organizations in: financial services, local governments, healthcare, higher education, not-for-profits, technology, utilities, and more.

For more information on TalentMap and their service offerings, visit their website at

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