Grow a Beautiful Lawn This Summer with these Spring Steps

Grow a Beautiful Lawn This Summer with these Spring Steps

This summer, growing a lush, verdant lawn sure to be the envy of your neighbours has never been easier. All you need to do is apply a little elbow grease in the spring and prepare your lawn in advance. Here are some steps you can take to transform your lawn into a beautiful oasis this summer.

Spring Cleaning

A good spring clean up is a vital step towards a finely manicured and green lawn, usually involving raking leaves, weeding, and removing debris. Also be sure to prepare all of your gardening tools, including mowers and trimmers. Clean, sharpen, repair, lubricate, and fine-tune your way to a great start this year. Sharpening your lawnmower blade in particular is vital, as not doing so will tear and tug at the grass, making your lawn more susceptible to disease and browning.

Initial Mowing and Aeration

Initially mowing at a lower height (1.5 inches) will allow for sunlight, water, and nutrients to filter through to the base of your grass, giving it a healthy boost. Raising the mower height every week or two — until it reaches 2.5-3 inches — as the hotter weather sets in will protect your lawn from the sun and retain moisture.

Aeration is also high recommended at this time. Perforating grass with a series of small holes allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the roots, enabling them to grow deeply and produce a stronger, fuller lawn. This is most effective with lawns that receive heavy foot traffic or were recently established as part of a new home construction, as soil that is more compacted won’t allow grass to thrive as well.


A crucial step in the spring as well as summer is to ensure your grass is watered on a regular basis. Now is the time, with proper aeration and weekly mowing, for grass to absorb necessary nutrients, water, and air and get a head start before the hot weather rolls in. Watering early in the morning is ideal, as you’ll lose less water to evaporation as opposed to when the sun is shining in the afternoon. Avoid watering in the evening, as the grass will be left too wet and promote fungi growth.

Over-Seeding and Fertilization

Over-seeding can make a big difference as well, as grass reproduction rates slow in tired old lawns, resulting in patches and weeds. Spreading new grass seed over the entire lawn in early spring is important to maintain a full, lush growth.

Applying fertilizer to your newly aerated and over-seeded lawn is another step to take to maximize growth and fullness. Also be sure to apply another dose of fertilizer at the end of the season, just before the heat arrives, to feed your grass and give it a healthy head start in the peak summer growing season.

Before you plan for barbeques and parties, follow these springtime steps to rejuvenate your lawn and create a vivacious atmosphere. If you’re looking for a reputable landscaping company in Ottawa, consider Hansen Lawn & Gardens.


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