Toronto Lords Net a Win with Rally Sports Bar & Smokehouse

Toronto Lords Net a Win with Rally Sports Bar & Smokehouse

Team spirit can bring communities closer together, and such was the case when the Toronto Lords Basketball League was faced with a challenging scenario in planning an event dinner. They discovered the team spirit of Rally Sports Bar & Smokehouse, which ended up helping the community out of a jam. Through cooperation and understanding, Rally helped make the evening a real success!

A Challenging Game Plan

Initially, the Toronto Lords intended to hold an event for a non-profit organization, which resulted in a lower budget to work with. Another restaurant had initially been selected, and the league had already collected money for the event as well as made menu selections for guests. However, this initially chosen establishment closed down, leaving the league with a difficult situation. Reaching out to Rally Sports Bar & Smokehouse with only three days of notice prior to the intended event date, a game plan was put into action right away to prepare for and host this much-anticipated event.

A Powerful Recovery

Immediately, the Rally team worked with feverish passion and dedication to craft the same menu initially approved through the league’s cooperation with their previously selected restaurant. Thanks to team spirit and Rally’s passion for quality and excellent service, the menu was completed just in time. The event for this non-profit organization was held on the initially planned date, and everything went off without a hitch!

It’s moments like these that demonstrate the true power of teamwork. With the Toronto Lords’ passion towards working with today’s youth combined with Rally’s determination to provide premium quality food and service to the community, there couldn’t have been a companionship more capable of pulling this off.

Check out a few pics from the event:

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