Five Ways You’ll Know If A House Isn’t For You

Five Ways You’ll Know If A House Isn’t For You

Knowing whether or not your should buy that home may come down to recognizing the problems with the home. If you can spot the signs that may cost you money–or your life-right away, then you’ll be better prepared to make a good decision. Read on to learn what signs you need to spot when buying a new house.

1. Bad Neighbourhood

You’ll recognize some of the more obvious signs right away. If the sidewalks are crowded with drug dealers, the homeless, prostitutes, and deadbeats, then you can find yourself a target for property related crime. Buying a home in an area around poverty can lead to vandalism, theft, even home invasion. But the less obvious signs are what you need to consider when deciding if a neighbourhood is right for you. Study your surroundings and ask yourself if the neighbourhood has something to offer you. If nothing in the area is even of remote interest, then you may see it as a bad neighbourhood when no one else does.

2. Not Enough Space

It’s tough moving into a new home only to find that the closets are overstocked and you barely have room to walk. You shouldn’t have to purchase an incredible amount of storage just to live in a home. If you can barely fit your personal items and valuable furniture into the master bedroom, then maybe this isn’t the house for you.

3. Too Much Space

That said, having too much space may be a problem for some homeowners. The more space you have, the more money you’ll need to take care of that space. Additional bedrooms will cost more to have their carpets cleaned. An extra bathroom means even more cleaning and additional plumbing costs if there’s a problem. Take time to see whether your new space is the perfect fit.

4. Problems With The Roof

Few problems will be of more concern than those regarding the roof. After all, the roof is what keeps you and your family warm, cool, and safe from the weather. Unfortunately, as the roofing gets older, it becomes more prone to leaks. Have you ever seen someone with a bucket sitting in a room after a long heavy rain? Chances are, water is leaking through the roof. If you see signs that the roofing is not properly installed or showing signs of damage, then you may want to find another home to buy. The shingles will begin to cup up or down. The roof could also be prone to insect damage and rotting, particularly wooden shingles.

5. Problems With Electrical Wiring

When buying a new home, safety will be among your top priorities. One of the leading causes of fires is faulty electrical wiring. Older homes will not receive as much electricity as more modern homes. Know how your house is getting juice and whether it will be a problem. If you see exposed wires, then you’ll need to hire a professional to have the job fixed.

Don’t fall for the same mistakes many new homeowners make. Take time to spot the signs that your home may fall apart soon after you move in. Then make the decision you know you really want to make.


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