Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Business – The Mind Rebel Academy

Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Business – The Mind Rebel Academy

We’ve talked at length about the challenges you face building a business, and yet not enough about the benefits. Entrepreneurs tend to find intrinsic rewards, such as pride in ownership, as their business grows. It also allows them to build the business the way they want to, instead of working on someone else’s schedule. Taryn Watts, Founder of The Mind Rebel Academy, tells us the most challenging aspects of having her own business, why she loves it, and tips to make it work.

What was the reasoning behind starting your small business? 

Becoming an entrepreneur stemmed from a deep desire to design my life by my terms.  I wanted to get out of the corporate world and follow my passion.  I wanted to create my own schedule,  get my kids on and off the bus every day, be in charge of my own income potential, all while making an impact in the lives of those I love and serve.

What were some of the major challenges of starting your business, and how were you able to navigate them? 

The most challenging part for me continues to be finding balance. Being a mom of two young children, navigating business in the midst of a global pandemic, and supporting my husband as he launches his own business, has been a balancing act!  The key has been making sure that I am very intentional and conscious about carving out time for myself to recharge and fill my own cup up.  I do this by scheduling daily “mind reset” activities, like a morning journaling practice and a 20-minute mid-day meditation. Habits are so deeply connected to my business success, work-life balance, and quality of life. When my daily mind resets get missed because life got “too busy” (aka. I didn’t prioritize it), I can feel it. I become stressed out or ungrateful. I’m now looking at what’s wrong rather than seeing what’s right. My business quickly becomes my prison. My mind resets hold the key to my freedom.

Is there a specific quote that motivates you as a small business owner? 

My favourite quote is by Roman philosopher Seneca, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Preparation to me means constantly becoming and evolving into the next iteration of who I chose to be in the world. Breaking down old ways of being, moving past limiting beliefs, stretching myself beyond my comfort zone, leaning into the discomfort of growing pains, and discovering new layers and depths of myself than I ever knew existed. I am preparing my entire being to be ready to receive life’s opportunities when they come knocking.

Do you have any insight you’d like to share with anyone thinking of starting a business? 

Create a vision for your life and your business, and focus on your 1 – 3 next best steps in front of you, rather than trying to map out every single step of the way.   Develop a mindfulness practice that will help you to listen to the deeper knowing within.  That deeper knowing knows the way from where you are today, to where you desire to be.

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