Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Business – Ottawa Skin Clinic

Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Business – Ottawa Skin Clinic

There are constant challenges when it comes to starting a business, and you’ll always be learning as you go along. There’s no such thing as failure – only new opportunities for personal growth. But when you do hit a setback, it can be discouraging. Dr.Michon, Medical Director of Ottawa Skin Clinic, shares his experience meeting and overcoming the challenges associated with starting a new business in Ottawa.

What was the reasoning behind starting your small business? 

Both my parents were small business owners plus worked full time at their other respective jobs.  By growing up in this environment, passively I inherited entrepreneurial skills. After medical school, I wanted to start my own business in order to offer the best aesthetic services in the region and help the community by hiring people, etc. 

What were some of the major challenges of starting your business, and how were you able to navigate them? 

The start-up cost and business plan were major challenges. I remember the first bank we had a meeting with turned our business project down. 

Please, learn from each experience. We did not get discouraged and took notes of the comments. We were able to improve our business plan and easily got approved by another bank. 

Is there a specific quote that motivates you as a small business owner? 

Follow your dream and be true to yourself. 

Do you have any insight you’d like to share with anyone thinking of starting a business? 

Layout a good business plan. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Building a business from the ground up takes time and dedication. Find great employees and treat them like gold. Hard work will payout in the long run, as nothing comes easy. 

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