My Essential Toddler Winterlude Survival Kit

My Essential Toddler Winterlude Survival Kit

We are delighted to present this guest post by Lian Wright, a writer with the Ottawa Mommy Club. OMC is an awesome and informative website for moms by moms with a great local flavour. Read on for Lian’s “Essential Toddler Winterlude Survival Kit,” and be sure to check out her bio at the end. 

Winterlude begins today, and this year my other half and I feel that our toddlers are old enough to experience their first visit to this annual winter festival. After taking our children to other events and festivals, we have learned to bring along an essential “survival kit,” just the items we need to bring for our kids, so that we can have a fun day wherever we go! Below are some of the things we will be using to create a toddler Winterlude survival kit in order to have a great time at this year’s Winterlude.


I know that a sled seems as though it may be an odd item to bring, but actually, it will prove to be handier than you may think. The most obvious use for the sled would be to use it on the hills to go speeding down. You can also take your little ones in it on the Rideau Canal while you skate. The sled can also be used in place of a stroller to pull your children around when they get too tired, or bags or other things that you do not to carry in your hands in the sled while you are taking in Winterlude.


Mini Medical Kit

I picked up this tip from a fellow mom at the park when one of my children got a cut while at the park. Having a mini medical kit is a great item to have along with you while you are at Winterlude. It does not have to have everything in your medicine cabinet, but it should carry the things you need should your child get a small boo boo during your outing that day. There should be bandages, antiseptic, cotton balls, cotton swabs and wipes to quickly clean any minor wound. I even like to carry a special little treat to help them start to forget about their accident, and to continue to have fun!


When you attend Winterlude this year, there are bound to be so many moments that you will want to capture and share. Whether it is a part of your Smartphone or it is a separate hand held one, a camera is a must-have item to have with you! If you will not be taking photos of the many venues of Winterlude, or the beautiful tourist areas that surround different Winterlude sites, you may want to take that shot of your child as they come zooming down the sledding hills at Jacques Cartier Park, or taking in the sheer wonder of the ice sculptures at Confederation Park or capture your little one on skates as they venture along the Rideau Canal.


Winterlude – Bal de Neige App

If you are going to attend Winterlude this year, it is a good idea to have a place to reference what is happening, where the action is happening and when the action will be taking place. This is why the Winterlude – Bal de Neige app is a great tool to add to your Winterlude survival kit! Available for free on through the Google Play Store and on iTunes, this is the official app to everything Winterlude! Having this app makes getting around Winterlude easier without having to carry a program that could get lost, or a piece of paper that you may have jotted information down on and becomes crumpled beyond recognition. You will also have all the information you need in the palm of your hand, so you will also have a hand free to hold a little one’s hand, pull a sled or drink a hot drink while having fun!

There you have it! These are the items I would have as my Toddler Winterlude Survival Kit. These items are easy to tote or carry along with us, and many of them have more than one purpose. We love all of these items because they either makes our day easier, give us a bit of peace of mind, or will help to bring back memories of the fabulous time we will have when we go to Winterlude this year.

Are you planning on attending Winterlude with your children this year? What would you have as part of your Winterlude Survival Kit?


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Disclaimer: I shared the information for the Winterlude – Bal de Neige app so it would be easy to find. I was in no way compensated for mentioning it in this post.

Lian Wright’s Bio:

Born and raised in Toronto, ON, Lian Wright is a blogger and freelance writer who likes taking challenges in work and in life. She moved to Canada’s capital to attend Carleton University. With a few stops along the way, she received a B.A. (Honours) degree in Political Science.

She has now made Ottawa her second hometown, and balances her work life around a teenager daughter and two toddlers that keep her hands full. When she has free time, she enjoys reading, television and movies, catching up on fashion and social media and playing sports. She has also recently has become engaged to her boyfriend of five years. Lian has currently been named the Editor of the Ottawa Mommy Club, an informative website about parenting in the city of Ottawa.

The Ottawa Mommy Club was created by moms for moms in May 2011. We offer an informative website about parenting, resources, family related issues, attractions, reviews, and much more! Our readers also have the opportunity to participate in awesome giveaways. A one stop website for Moms in Ottawa! We have over 30 bloggers that share their insightful experiences, knowledge, lives and stories.

Lian blogs at, and Tweets at @OttawaMommyClub.

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My name is Lian Wright. Born in Toronto, I came to Ottawa as a student to study Political Science at Carleton University, and came away with an Honours Degree, and decided to stay. I'm a huge sports fan, have a love of reading, and like experiencing new things whenever I can. I am now a mother of three children (11, 1 and 7 months old) and am kept constantly on my toes.

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  • Great article…I think I might take my niece down this weekend. Hopefully we won’t need the medical kit though haha 😉


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