Business Profile: Fence One

Business Profile: Fence One

The snow is melting all around Ottawa. Residents are getting anxious and anticipating the warm weather that is coming our way. After such intense snowfall this winter it’s no wonder a fair amount of excitement comes along with the sudden appearance of puddles as the snow melts in front of our eyes exposing our grass and long forgotten flower beds! Seeing the first signs of last year’s foliage is the trigger reminder that spring is indeed coming.

Spring is exciting for so many reasons. One reason of course is the chance to do upgrades to your property to ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of it come the summer time! Spring is actually the perfect time to start planning your new fence installation.

“Even though there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground, we are out there starting to do estimates for people who want to get an early jump on their spring projects,” says Jeff Stirling, owner of Fence One, an Ottawa-based company that specializes in building fences and decks.

Fence One is the company you want to hire if you want your fence built properly, the first time. All projects taken on by Fence One are completed with the highest quality materials and expertise available to ensure that you only need to rebuild your fence the one time. Whether you need a fence around your property, around a pool or even surrounding your vegetable garden, Fence One will ensure that your fence is the best fence possible for your needs. Fence One was recently awarded Homestars Best of 2017 in recognition of their quality work and high customer satisfaction. 

A fence can add privacy to an open space allowing children or animals to play freely without fear of wandering off. In older subdivisions it’s common to see fences that are to their tipping point and likely wouldn’t withstand a gentle breeze let alone a soccer ball being kicked at it time and time again. Builder-grade fences are made to have a short life and be functional for long enough to sell the house and establish property boundaries.

Stirling goes on to discuss his experience with the fences in highly populated subdivisions where fences are extremely important. “We get a lot of rebuild requests for older fences that are falling down and just decrepit after years of wear and tear. Fences are important in the suburbs as they are the main division line for people’s properties, and we want everyone’s private yards to remain exactly that: private.”

As Ottawa experiences record high temperatures for this time of year, people are starting to buzz about their spring and summer projects. Getting a jump on quotes and bookings for things like a fence build, or rebuild, is the best way to ensure that you can lock down one of Ottawa’s best in the business. 


Faith Murray is a stay-at-home Mom and former law clerk from Ottawa, ON. Her passions include country music and beating her husband at Scrabble.

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