Author Spotlight: Perry Prete

Author Spotlight: Perry Prete

You could say Brockville resident Perry Prete always works double shifts; not only is he a veteran full-time paramedic,  but he moonlights as an award-winning author. Prete brings knowledge gained through more than thirty years of experience in the field of emergency response to offer a unique twist on the murder-mystery genre, crafting riveting and sinuous stories told from the perspective of Ethan Tennant, a City of Ottawa paramedic. Prete’s novels offer more than just compelling mysteries; they are interwoven with knowledge gleaned from decades of professional experience with the morbid side of life.

Perry Prete was born in Sudbury and raised in London, Ontario. He moved to Brockville to pursue a career as a paramedic with the Leeds Grenville Paramedic Services, with whom he has continued to work for more than thirty years. Prete revitalizes and reimagines the crowded murder-mystery genre by establishing a paramedic as the main character and incorporating realistic details based on this rare perspective.

Prete introduced Ethan Tennant in his debut novel, All Good Things, in which the lead character accidentally becomes enmeshed in a  series of murders in Ottawa during the course of responding to his daily calls. Ethan teams up with his friend Galen, now employed as a detective, to investigate the strange connection between the murders and crack the mystery. As the All Good Things tagline summarizes, “one man kills people. Another tries to save them.” This first novel is not only self-contained but sets the scene to extend Ethan Tennant into a series-leading character.

Perry Prete continues Tennant story with Pinnacle Book Achievement Award-winning The More Things Change, released in 2013 by Sands Press. The stakes are increased as Ethan stumbles upon a dangerous secret on Parliament Hill that traces back to World War II.  As teased by the book jacket that “Hitler’s dream may not have died with his death,” The More Things Change threatens world and history-altering consequences in our nation’s capital.

While the books are (thankfully!) fictional, Perry Prete expertly weaves details of actual calls and incidents in his professional career to bring the murder-mystery genre to life on the streets of Ottawa. To support a local author who sets his novels in our fair city, you can purchase either of his works through Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Leeds County Books, or Sands Press Canada.

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