Air Conditioner and HVAC Maintenance for Spring

Air Conditioner and HVAC Maintenance for Spring

It may be difficult to appreciate right now, but hot sweaty weather is on the way. Spring is always the go-between season where we rejoice in the ability to open our windows without catching a cold. The deep freeze of winter is behind us and the moist cool air of spring welcomes us into the new season, but only for a short time. Summer is looming and we quickly forget how hot and humid summer can be after spending several months immersed in snow and ice.

Spring can be considered the busiest season of all. There is all the spring cleaning to tackle that has piled up over the winter in addition to making sure all elements of your house are in tip top working condition, this includes your air conditioner. Long before you will come to need your air conditioner, it’s best to ensure that it is working properly so as not to be left in a sweaty lurch come the July heat wave.

Maintain Regular A/C Maintenance Schedule

Just like your furnace, it is important to do annual maintenance checkups on your air conditioning unit to be certain all parts are working as they should. Regular maintenance will assist you in finding problems and addressing them before they become more catastrophic and as a result expensive to fix. A professional will be able to tell you the condition of your unit and advise you on how best to care for it.

A/C in Rental Units: Live in Comfort

Perhaps you are a tenant and do not own your home. Spring is the best time to contact your landlord and arrange for the check up to be done. Likely your landlord will want to use a company of their own choosing but as the tenant it is helpful to remind them of your air conditioner and that it should be serviced annually. Remember that the landlord is interested in keeping their investment property in the best condition possible, and regular maintenance is part of that.

New Air Conditioner: Get Ahead of the Summer Rush

Many older homes were not built with air conditioning units and occupants have had to find alternative ways to cool down in the hot summer months. If you do not currently have an air conditioner in your home this could be the year to invest in one. Doing so in the spring time ensures that you have it set up and properly working in good time for the summer months. You never know what kind of difficulties you could run into during any renovation so allowing yourself plenty of time before it becomes a necessity is always the best policy.

Air conditioning is a fantastic luxury that helps many people cope with intense humidity and extreme heat waves. Although the warm summer months may be preferable to the frigid cold winters, there is still plenty to consider when preparing for the summer heat. Contact your local Ottawa HVAC company today to schedule your appointment!


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