7 Ways to Enjoy the Winter Season

7 Ways to Enjoy the Winter Season

We’ve made it into the heart of winter and, from current temperatures these days, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop any time soon.  But have no fear, citizens of Ottawa!  Just because beach and swimsuit season won’t be here for another few months doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun outside.  For those who can’t think of what to do on there own, here is a short list of fun winter suggestions to do for those that don’t want to be stuck inside all day.

1. Skiing/Snowboarding

Not the safest outdoor activity there is, but also not the dullest either.  Though it’ll require equipment and a fair amount of money to get onto some mountains, skiing can be one of the most exhilarating winter activities there is.  The idea of putting yourself against the mountain can send a rush through anyone’s body and get your heart pounding with excitement.  Just always remember, the first run is the most nerve-racking.  You do it once and you’ll want to do it over and over and over again.  And don’t worry if you fall, everybody does from time to time.  The important part is getting back up.

2. Skating

Probably considered one of the most fun winter activities there are, skating is a good time for all ages and has always been an amazing time to spend an afternoon.  Get out on the canal and dance around on the ice with some friends.  Though be careful with this one.  There’s still no shame in falling, it’s just a much harder surface to hit this time.  Wear a helmet if you’re not the best at it. With the Rideau Canal now open and Winterlude just weeks away, there’s no better time to start skating in Ottawa.

3.  Hockey

It’s stereotypically Canadian, but there could be much worse things to have attached to your nation.  Hockey is a fun activity to play with friends and is even a great way to get warm on a very cold day.  But we don’t want to get sued so make sure you wear protection and pads if you’re going to make it contact.  Other than that go grab a stick and slap shot away!

4.  Snow ball fights

Remember how your teacher always said not to throw snowballs?  That was just because the school could get in trouble if anything were to happen to a kid under their watch.  If you’re not younger than eighteen, then I invite you all to go out and experience a joy long lost on adults.  Snow ball fights were a great way to do a little rough housing without ever actually hitting anyone.  Just try not to aim for the face.  Technically you’re still whipping frozen water at each other so try and avoid the eyes as best you can.

5.  Build an igloo

It may not be as fun as the others but it’s something everyone should try to do at least once in there lives.  Igloos and snow forts are a fun way to see if you’ve got what it takes to survive at least a little bit of the harsh conditions of winter.  Make sure the snow is right for it though.  Fluffy snow will have no lasting bond and your fort will just fall apart.  The kind you want is the wet packing snow that sticks together when you make things with it.  Try cutting large blocks of snow out of it and stacking them up to make walls.  Or, if you’d prefer to try your handy at a quincy, build a giant mound of snow and then hollow out the inside.  Make sure you have a chimney on it though if you choose to light a candle or maybe build a small fire.  You don’t want your shelter melting on you from the inside out!

6.  Make a snowman

An activity as old as fun itself.  For years and years snowmen used to line the front lawns of peoples homes, yet lately this fun activity seems to have been lost on the common man.  I say we renew the old tradition and that everyone should get out there and try to build at least one this year.  And not just three giant snowballs on top of each other either, I’m talking about the whole nine yards.  Grab a carrot for a nose, use some buttons on the chest, give him eyes and a mouth, tie a scarf around his neck, give him a hat worthy of the snowmen of yesteryear, and anything else your heart desires and your imagination can think up!

7. And finally, if all else fails, just make a Snow Angel

Simply, classic, beautiful, snow angels were the easiest way to have fun as a kid in when it turned white outside.  It requires no skill at all and anyone can do it.  Just fall down in the snow, sweep your arms and legs back and forth for a handful of seconds, look up at the sky and bask in the moment as you do it, and then stand up and look down at your beautiful work.  If you have enough time you could even decorate an entire field with snow angels.  Might take you a while, but it’s definitely possible!

Hopefully one of these suggestions grabs your eye and gives you enough reason to get out there and enjoy winter while it lasts.  And remember, if you ever touch your tongue to a metal pole, don’t panic!  Just lean in a bit and breath some warm air onto your tongue.  Your breath will melt the ice around your tongue enough that it should lift right off, though it may take a couple of tries so don’t get discouraged if the first doesn’t quite do it.  Until next time readers, enjoy the season!


A young writer, novelist, and playwright from Ottawa, Dave Coleman covers topics like books & literature, theatre, and the arts.

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