Finding the Right Shoe

Finding the Right Shoe

Think about how you normally shop for shoes. You head to the nearest big box shoe store and grab the best-looking shoe, hoping it fits – and sometimes squeezing into an ill-fitting shoe because it’s the closest to your size. Or you find a great discount on a stylish new pair, but the only pair available is two sizes too small – you can make it work, right? Nowadays, the issue has become even more problematic as shoe shoppers head online to find an amazing selection of styles available for attractive prices. Whether the pair actually fits or suits you is a mystery until the box is delivered.

We go through a lot for style and fashion, but ill-fitting shoes are more than an inconvenience. Not only can they cause temporary pain, blisters, pressure, and poor circulation while wearing the shoes, they can cause damage to your feet. Proper fitting shoes feel comfortable and provide you with the support and stability you need to get through daily life. Here’s how you (and your feet) can benefit from buying the right pair of shoes, not just the first pair that catch your attention:

You are Unique

No two feet are alike – not even your own two! Some feet are flat, others are wide, others are crooked, others are thin. Some people suffer with conditions like diabetes. arthritis, and plantar fasciitis which make it uncomfortable or painful to wear standard shoes. You need a pair of shoes that are fitted to match the unique properties of your feet. This is best achieved with an assessment from professionals who are committed to finding you the right fit. You may also find it helpful to be assessed and fitted for custom orthotic insoles by a Certified Pedorthist, especially if you suffer from any foot-related conditions; bunions, corns, tendonitis, gout, heel spurs, rheumatoid arthritis, and so on.

Better Quality Shoe

Simply put, the right shoe will perform better and will last longer because it is made of high-quality materials. If support and stability are important to you (and they should be), simply picking the lowest-priced shoe off the shelf isn’t going to do it. The right shoe does not only offer supreme support and stability, it is also made of breathable materials to concur that unfortunate smell of sweaty, stale feet. The right shoe has better shock absorption, usually achieved with a shank in the midfoot and a firm heel counter.

Shoe Shopping Tips

We’ve already mentioned that your best bet for finding the right shoe is to shop at a specialized shoe store in Ottawa, not at a big box store or online. You will get personalized service from highly trained and friendly professionals who are passionate about finding you the right fit. Another tip? Go shoe shopping in the afternoon, after spending the morning walking around a bit. Your foot naturally expands throughout the day, so you want to buy a shoe that accounts for this expansion, rather than buying a pair that fits snugly when your feet are at their thinnest.

Treat your feet – you deserve it. From the first step with your new pair of shoes, you’ll understand the difference that a proper fitting shoe can make. Your feet will thank you!

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