20 Reasons to Visit Lansdowne Live!

20 Reasons to Visit Lansdowne Live!

Nestled between Bank Street and the Rideau Canal, Lansdowne Park has long been a major attraction in central Ottawa. As host to many exhibitions, military events, sports games, and recreational activities. The grounds have been host to Stanley Cup victories, Grey Cup champions, and Memorial Cup triumphs.

Earlier this year, a redevelopment project more than five years in the making was launched on this historic grounds – Lansdowne Live! If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit this revamped attraction, here are ten compelling reasons why you should put it at the top of your “to-do” list before the winter rears its ugly head.

1. Take in a REDBLACKS Game

The team has impressed so far this season with a 4-3 record to date. Come and take a stand – are you a northsider or a southsider?

2. Eat LOCAL Public Eatery

This hip restaurant doesn’t just have a great ambiance, it has killer food. We swear by the beer-battered fish and chips and the house-made organic veggie burger.

3. Watch the Ottawa 67’s

Junior hockey is a much better value than the NHL, and you don’t have to trek 40 minutes in -40° weather just to get some grub before the game.

4. Hunt for Fresh Delights at Whole Foods Market

Enjoy the freshest organic produce, natural ingredients, gluten-free breads, and organic personal care products. Come without a shopping list and just buy whatever spark your culinary imagination.

5. Movie Time!

While it is also a traditional movie theatre, Cineplex’s 19+ VIP movie experience is unlike anything else. Watch the best blockbusters on an UltraAVX screen with enhanced audio and visual systems and motion seats…oh yeah, and food & beverage service right to your seat.

6. Dine at Industria Italian Brasserie

Enjoy a romantic yet casual authentic Italian experience. The Margherita pizza is perfect, but I mean, they literally have something called Gnocci Poutine on the menu. Who’s in?

7. Shop at Winners

If you’re going to be enjoying these luxe meals, how about a little exercise? Shopping burns off calories, so go find some great deals at Winners!

8. Indulge at Cacao 70

Cacao 70 serves delectable creations like mixed berry cheesecake, grilled marshmallows with toffee bananas and warm peanut butter sauce, a dark chocolate waffle piled high with strawberries, chocolate- covered ice crea—-why are you still reading???

9. Unwind at Lavazza Café

Get a quick pick-me-up before your day’s activities or find energy to power through the night. Drink an espresso, sip an iced coffee, or indulge in a latte.

10. Mix it Up at Milestones

Savour Sangria or nibble on Mediterranean Bruschetta while catching up with friends in this contemporary atmosphere for grown-ups.

11. Have Some Playground Fun

The kids aren’t left out at Lansdowne Live! Wander over to the playground, which is part rope jungle gym, part skateboard ramp, part chalkboard, and all fun.

12. Pamper Yourself at Rinaldo’s Salon & Spa

Get a new look or unwind after a hard day’s work. Take care of your body and overall health and it will take care of you. Pamper yourself!

13. Splash in the Splash Pad

On the hottest days of summer, kids love to cool off in the playful waters of Lansdowne Park’s splash pad. Don’t mind the controversy about the statue – kids just see fun.

14. Buy Team Swag at the Team Shop

Show your pride for the city and the sports teams who call Lansdowne home. Buy all your shirts, hats, and more for the REDBLACKS, 67’s, and Fury right here.

15. Shop for Potent Potables at the LCBO

There are a great number of bars and restaurants at Lansdowne Park, but you can also take home some beverages for home consumption.

16. Work Out at Goodlife Fitness

Work off those calories at Goodlife’s facilities, which includes amenities like massage chairs, hot yoga, massage therapy, and hydro massage.

17. Find Delectables at the Lindt Boutique

Nobody can resist a quick trip to the Lindt Boutique for melt-in-your-mouth chocolate delights from the famous Swiss chocolatier.

18. Shoot Some Hoops

Kids and adults alike can have some fun shooting hoops and staying active on the basketball courts. Just don’t spell out H-O-R-S-E!

19. Fill Your Pizza Crave at Crust & Crate

Do you love delicious authentic pizza but wish it were made with local seasonal ingredients? This is your spot.

20. Cheer for Ottawa Fury FC

Ottawa is 1st in the NASL fall standings, and have won 7 of their last 8 games. There’s plenty of room on the bandwagon, tickets are cheap, and it’s great entertainment for the whole family.

Let us know your favourite haunts at Lansdowne Live!

Title image courtesy of TDPlace.ca

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