What to Look for When Hunting for Office Space

What to Look for When Hunting for Office Space

Once you and your employees are bursting at the seams and ready to move into a bigger space, it’s time to start the hunt. What are some of the top things to look at when trying to find the ideal commercial office space?


Or as they say in real estate lingo – location, location, location. There are several criteria that are important to take into consideration as you prepare to move your office space. Will your new space be easy to access from both public transit and private transportation? Is it walkable and does it need to be? Is there enough general parking for your clients and customers? Do you need to have a well-known street address to add to your company’s credibility? Nothing says advertising like a Madison Avenue address.


Will your new space fit your future company? Is there room to expand? While you don’t want to be paying for space that you are not presently using, you don’t want to be caught short in the future when you are growing again and may need to make another move.


The types of amenities that come with office space vary widely. Does your company require 24-hour security on-site? Will your new office space be part of an office complex that has secure entry? Kitchenettes come in a variety of styles and sizes from a kettle and sink to a full wall of cabinets with microwave, coffee machine, dishwasher, and sink. Whether it’s a bar-sized or full-sized fridge, it’s important to keep those lunches cold until you are ready to dig in.

Accessibility features are also important and regulated by the government. Elevators and ramps are required for both employee and client access.


You want your clients to be able to easily identify you, so finding out whether you are permitted to place your sign in an obvious spot to give your new office space maximum exposure is critical to most business owners. Is there room for a building sign and a street sign? Your commercial property advisor will guide you through the various requirements for such advertising.


Office space is generally price out as an amount per square foot. The cost is generally more expensive in the more popular and trendy neighbourhoods and, of course, downtown areas. There will also be utility costs that are added on top of your price per square foot. Your commercial property company will assist you with this aspect of finding your perfect office space.

This information should help as you begin your search for the perfect office space. Your commercial property advisor can guide you through the process until you find the right fit for your growing company.


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