See Fall in All Its Beauty at Gatineau Park

See Fall in All Its Beauty at Gatineau Park

There is no more beautiful season in the Ottawa region than autumn. From the vivid colours on display across treetops, to the crisp fall air that refreshes your being with every breath, it is an ideal time to be outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty of our city and its surrounding landscapes. Nowhere is this natural beauty more evident than in Gatineau Park, a gorgeous escape from the city that happens to be located just a short drive across the Ottawa River from Ottawa, and within Gatineau.

Gatineau Park in the fall should be your destination of choice if you’d like a nearby place to trek out of your own, whether your preferred activities include walking, hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, bird-watching, zip-lining, family activities, cultural events, or all of the above. But we would also like to spotlight some of the events and activities being offer by the National Capital Commission to help broaden your experience this fall.

To start, each weekend there are different special activities planned to enhance your trip to the park. This upcoming weekend, October 11th through 13th, spotlights the Pontiac County Fair at Luskville Falls. The fair features merchant and artist kiosks, offering samplings, demonstrations, and sale of their wares. Guided nature interpretation tours will also be offered, explaining the science behind leave changes, exploring unique ecosystems, and touring the Luskville Falls Fair.

Next week, the special event, Algonquin Summer (Anishinabe Nibin) is a celebration of Algonquin culture and an opportunity to learn more about the traditional Algonquin way of life. There will demonstrations of the making of traditional birchbark canoes, and of both traditional and modern methods of making maple syrups. Artists will display and sell crafts inspired by Algonquin ancestral traditions. This event takes place at the Gatineau Park Visitors Centre in Chelsea.

On Sunday, October 26th, the Visitors Centre will host a Hiking Workshop. This workshop will cover every detail that goes into planning a successful, challenging, and fun hike. The one-hour talk starts from the very first details of choosing a destination, to what clothing and equipment to wear, what food to pack, and how to properly practice map reading, safety, and outdoor ethics, The instructional session is followed by a two-hour hike in the park itself.

Gatineau Park is the natural crown jewel of the national capital region, and at no time is this more visually evident than in the fall. Regardless of your interests, there is something for you to enjoy and it lies just a stone’s throw from downtown Ottawa.

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