Tales From a PI: Cheating Spouses

Tales From a PI: Cheating Spouses

Back in August of last year, the Internet blew up with the news that Ashley Madison, a website dedicated to helping married people cheat on their spouses, had been hacked. The group responsible for the hack posted the names, passwords, addresses and phone numbers of over 32 million people online. Anyone who wanted to could access that list and discover for themselves who had signed up.

As Canadians, we weren’t exempt from this dramatic reveal.

Ottawa alone ranked in at number one in the country with around 189,810 users. To give you a better idea of what this means, think about it this way: 1 person out of every 5 living in Ottawa had their name on that list. While many argue that Ashley Madison hired employees to add names to their database, others aren’t as easily convinced.

The hard reality is, while there are many people who remain faithful throughout their relationship, cheating happens all the time – with or without the help of Ashley Madison.

As a Private Investigation Agency, it’s certainly something we get approached with often. We’ve been in this line of work for a long time, which means we’ve seen it all.

One client had us follow his wife, who had told him that she was in the Caribbean on a “girls trip.” As it turned out, what she meant was that she was going to spend the week with a local in the area. To gather the evidence we needed for our client, we followed the couple all over the resort. From intimate dinners to underground salsa clubs, it was evident this wife wasn’t completely honest with her husband.

Another case had us tracking a gentleman who had just recently had a baby with his wife. She felt he was distant – and for good reason! One of our private investigation teams followed him to a university, where he picked up a young female who we believed to be a student. From there, he took her out for dinner where their body language revealed an inappropriate level of intimacy. As if to prove the point, after they ate, the two headed back to his car where they proceeded to have sex. Our team was there to obtain the evidence our client needed.

Sometimes we aren’t hired to catch a cheater in the act. Several years ago we were asked to follow a man who one day, out of the blue, told his wife he didn’t want to be with her anymore. Our client only wanted closure. From this investigation, we discovered her spouse was sleeping with his secretary.

While most of our cases are cut and dry, there are some that put us in an awkward situation. One woman was convinced that her husband was cheating on her. We trailed him three times a week for over a year and couldn’t find any evidence. Our client didn’t care; she just wanted proof of his infidelity. We never saw this man cheating on his wife.

The lesson that the Ashley Madison leak or our Private Investigation cases should teach people is that eventually, cheaters get caught. The best thing to do is just, to be honest with your partner to save them from heartache and yourself from the embarrassment.

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who don’t think this way. Even when they end up on a list like Ashley Madison, or get caught by a Private Investigator, they continue to cheat. It’s the main reason our team will continue to provide services like this – to give our clients the answers they deserve.

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Whitney Joy Smith started The Smith Investigation Agency in 2014 after being in the Private Investigative Industry for nearly ten years. She noticed a Great industry that was not evolving and wanted to be the change the industry needs to succeed and grow. She thinks different and believes in exceeding expectations, not budgets.

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