3 Steps to Open Your Heart to Love

3 Steps to Open Your Heart to Love

They say that the best thing you will ever feel is to love and be loved in return. While falling in love and being part of a healthy relationship does seem like a blissful experience, a lot of people are afraid of opening their hearts up to love. Whether it’s because of past experiences or because of the fear of the unknown, it can be quite a challenge to allow your heart to fall. This is especially true if you think about the many things that could go wrong.

Yes, you might get hurt, but allowing your heart to open up to love also gives you the chance to experience life like never before. Take that leap and open up your heart to love by taking these steps towards the happiest time of your life.

1. Love Yourself First

The biggest factor that hinders the vast majority of people from being able to fall in love is the lack of love for themselves. How exactly do you expect to love someone else when you don’t feel that way towards your own self? The key to opening your heart to love is first loving yourself. In doing this, you learn about all the things you have that are worth loving and you discover all of the details that you need to improve in order to give the best love you can give.

2. Let Go of the Past

If you keep thinking about all of the things that went wrong in the past, you will never be able to open your heart up to new love. Even when you do manage to engage in a relationship, you will find yourself constantly comparing them to the people in your past which is not fair for your new found love. Opening your heart up to love means letting go of the bitterness of the past. New love is a new start, so make sure you treat it that way.

3. Don’t Worry about Tomorrow

The problems of tomorrow are tomorrow’s problems so don’t dwell on them today. Thinking about all the things that could go wrong will hinder you from discovering the happiness and satisfaction of being in love today. Loving someone won’t always be easy and problems will come and go. It all depends on your strength as a couple and your willingness to see things through that will dictate whether or not your relationship survives.


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