Movie Stars who Ride Motorcycles

Movie Stars who Ride Motorcycles

We love motorcycles and we love people who love motorcycles. So what better way to merge those two loves together than by taking a peek at some of our beloved celebs who ride in style? Here’s a list of some of our favourite (and also surprising) movie stars who ride motorcycles.

Alanis Morissette

She was already cool to begin with. But seeing Alanis Morissette cruise around on a Ducanti Monster takes her coolness factor to a whole new level. She’s the beloved Canadian rock star who’s got her hand on one sweet ride!

Justin Timberlake

This one may also seem like a surprising pairing, but believe it or not, the once bubble-gum pop star knows how to get around. An image of Justin Timberlake riding a Harley-Davidson may have been a bit hard to swallow back when he was apart of N Sync, but today, he’s upped his ante and has one of the classics to ride home to Jessica.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves doesn’t just take his motorcycle out for a few spins during the year. He’s a classified motorcycler lover. He can be spotted riding his bike around frequently in LA. And he’s taken his love up a notch or twenty by co-founding Arch Motorcycles, whose first bike will be called the KRGT-1. You can have it for a whopping $78,000. Better start saving!

Ewan McGregor

This one should come as no surprise, but is definitely worth a mention. Ewan dedicated 3 ½ months back in 2004 to taking his BMW motorcycle on the road covering more than 22,000 miles, spanning London to New York via Europe, along with Siberia and Canada. He’s a man who knows his stuff when it comes to riding on the open road, and one that we indubiously respect because of it.


Even though Pink’s husband is none other than Carey Hart – the motorcross racer – we think it’s safe to say that despite that, Pink would still probably be just as inclined to hop on a bike of her own. She’s always had that cool, strong, independent attitude, and a motorcycle seems to just top that all off nicely.

Whether you’re a movie star or not, there’s something about a motorcycle that really gives you that bode of confidence and undeniable notch up on the coolness factor. They’re fast, independent and let you truly embrace your love for the open road. Whether you go with a stock model or upgrade with an after-market transmission, you’re golden.

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