Local Business Profile: Court Coach

Local Business Profile: Court Coach

We are happy to feature a great local business, Court Coach LLP. This modern law firm is much more suitable to the way the Ontario legal system works today. Sometimes you don’t need a full-time litigation lawyer, just a lawyer to offer legal advice and help with legal paperwork. Court Coach helps guide self-represented individuals through the legal system. In any area of family law or wills & estates, Court Coach provides client-tailored legal services at affordable rates.

Court Coach is “here to help balance the scales” for clients who wish to self-represent, may not need a lawyer at every stage of their case, or have difficulty managing the financial challenges of traditional legal representation. In other words, they are committed to get you the legal help you need at a comfortable price.

Court Coach’s main area of specialization is Family Law. They offer consultations about your rights and obligations concerning separation, divorce, and child custody concerns. When a marriage breaks down, it’s a very emotionally trying time for all involved. Court Coach can hel you better navigate the process and come out on the other side. They offer independent legal advice about the drafting of domestic contracts, like cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements. They can provide mediation services to resolve custody, access, support, or property issues without having to deal with the court system. The talented lawyers at Court Coach can help resolve a child support dispute, equalization of property, or spousal support.

If you are involved in a family court application or wish to commence one, Court Coach can provide advice or act as your legal reprsentative. You need to know the legal implications and procedures if the Children’s Aid Society is involved with your family, and Court Coach can help.

Court Coach also assists with preparation of your will and power of attorney. Other services offered include spousal and family sponsorships, notarizations, and commissionings.

Court Coach was founded by Megan LePage and Stefanie Smith, who serve as the two founding partners of the firm. Megan primarily practices in the area of family law, making sure clients are well-informed and equipped to make decisions regarding their case. In addition to providing legal guidance, Megan is also an experienced and talented litigator.

Stefanie Smith focuses on family law and matters concerning child protection. Additionally, she drafts Wills and Power of Attorney. Stefanie provides independent legal advice on the drafting of many league documents, assists with mediation, helps clients navigate the adoption process, and advocates for clients in court.

Say goodbye to typical law firms thanks to this modern family firm, Court Coach.

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