HP Makes a Big Splash with New Product Line

HP Makes a Big Splash with New Product Line

HP made quite the splash earlier this month when they announced a new product line that includes powerhouse workstations, turbo drive storage devices, and new CPU cooling technology. HP Inc. is newly independent, so it looks like they are hitting the ground running with this powerful new product lineup. Here is a look at HP’s new lineup of workstations, storage solutions, and cooling technology:

New Generation of ZBooks Notebooks

HP Inc. introduced a number of enterprise-ready ZBook laptops. These laptops are designed to compete with Apple’s MacBook Pro line of high-performance laptops. This ZBook family line is focused on performance, reliability, and innovation. These laptops are built with the goal of bridging the gap between desktop computers and mobile workstations.

The HP ZBook 15, for example, is a light laptop that can be configured with an Intel Core or Xeon processor. It can hold up to 64 GB of memory and 3 TB of storage spaces, with dual Thunderbolt ports and a touch display. This laptop offers all this while being lighter than the previous models, and boasting a 27 percent longer battery life.

The HP ZBook 17 has even more power than the ZBook 15. It has a larger screen, with a battery life that is 67 percent longer that the previous model. This model boasts the same memory and processing capabilities as the ZBook 15, with a total of 4 GB of storage available, and an NVIDIA graphics card. This puts it in the same playing field as Microsoft’s Surface Book in terms of discrete graphics.

Z Turbo Storage Solutions

HP Inc. introduced the new Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro PCI card, which is a desktop storage solution. These drives are PCIe Gen 3 x16 cards. They can be fitted with up to 4 HP Z Turbo Drive G2 modules, giving workstations up to 2 TB of storage space. These drives are 16 times faster than a standard SATA SSD with three times better random read performance.

HP CPU Cooling Tech, Z Cooler

The HP Z Cooler is a fan-based cooling solution designed for HP’s Z440 and Z840 workstations. This cooling solution is designed to eliminate the need for liquid-cooled systems while being quieter and more efficient.

The newly independent HP Inc. has introduced an aggressive new line-up that has us all very excited.

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