Hosting a Quiz Night

Hosting a Quiz Night

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to entertain guests you should consider holding a quiz night. Quiz nights are a fun way to spend time with family and friends and you can really make it a special occasion. Here are some tips to help you host the perfect quiz night:


This is not just a movie night or dinner party. A quiz night is a fun occasion and it needs a little fanfare. Send out invites well in advance so you can start some excitement as well as make sure you have enough people to make the night worthwhile. Let people know what you are planning and to put on their thinking caps so your team is ready to shine.


You can go the old school route and consider using one of the popular board games or you can do some research and look for the same quality games used by pubs and bars around the world. People love quiz games and will visit their local pubs every week on quiz night. You will find an exciting array of choices including prepared questions and answers just like popular television shows such as Jeopardy. There are also hand out sheets, score boards and downloads that you can add to make your quiz night even more exciting and professional. If you want you can always team up your guests for some fun and friendly competition.


This is a popular pub or bar game so you might want to consider serving up traditional pub fare such as wings and nachos. You can also go a little fancier and have a tapas night or buffet. Just keep in mind once the game starts rolling you want to keep within ear shot so you can shout out answers to your team. You don’t want to lose due to a microwave technicality.


Quiz night is not fun without music, so make sure that you have your playlists ready. If you’re planning on hosting a themed quiz night perhaps consider selecting music that goes with said theme such as 90′s music or movie soundtracks.


You can’t host a quiz night without prizes, so plan ahead. You can do anything from gift cards to your local coffee shop to bigger prizes based on your group’s interests, or even smaller prizes such as homemade cookies or brownies.

By following these key tips your quiz night will be talked about for many days to come.

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