DIY Christmas Decorations

DIY Christmas Decorations

These quick and easy DIY Christmas decorations are perfect for savings – of time and money! You don’t need to be a craft genius to pull off these cute and charming decorations, and the ones we have selected are kid-friendly. So take an evening this week and decorate your home with some of these DIY Christmas ideas from around the web:

Door Snowman

If you have a plain white door and were unsure how to liven it up this holiday season, you’re in luck. Simply take black construction paper and cut out jumbo circles for the eyes and smaller circles for the mouth and buttons. Then cut a nose out of orange construction paper. You can cut a strip of patterned wrapping paper for a belt. You and the kids can decide if additional accessories, like a construction paper corn cob pipe, are needed. Then simply tape all of the above onto your front door, inside or out, for a charming winter snowman. This can also be done a white fridge!

Styrofoam Christmas Ornaments

Especially with small children in the house, decorating the tree can be nerve-wracking if you have delicate glass ornaments. One great alternative is to buy styrofoam balls of various sizes, whether large ones to decorate the house or smaller ones to use as ornaments on the tree. Cover the styrofoam ball with glue and then roll in a glitter. Red and green look fantastic, but so do gold, silver, and even blue. Once dry, your safe and shiny ornament can be augmented with bows, gold flourishes, or hang it from a shiny red ribbon.

Illuminated Candle Jar

We loved this idea from Shabby Art Boutique. On a piece of black construction paper, you or your child can sketch out a panorama of a small town, with buildings, homes, streetlights etc. Cut out the skyline with an x-acto knife, remembering to cut out small details like windows. Spray the top third of the jar with a “light misting” of Santa Snow. Drop epsom salts into the bottom of the mason jar and add a tea light into the centre of the jar. Finally, wrap and glue the skyline around the outside of the jar. When illuminated, you’re left with a warm and inviting look at a village at Christmas time.

Character Ornaments

This last DIY task is best left to the adults, but the kids will absolutely love them when finished. Take clear glass ornaments, remove the cap and fill with paint. In this example let’s make Elmo, so red paint is needed. Hang upside and let dry overnight (make sure you have something underneath to catch the dripping paint!) When dry, simply paint on the features of the character. Elmo needs white eyes with black pupils, an orange nose, and a happy mouth in black paint. Then let the facial features dry and reattach the top of the ornament so it is ready for hanging. These are delicate, but very impressive! You can do these with any character you choose, those simple cartoon characters seem to work best (examples include minions and Mike from Monsters Inc.)

Do you have any budget and time-friendly DYI Christmas decorations that you’d like to share? Whether it’s a family tradition passed down through the generations or something you came up with on a whim last weekend, we’d love to hear it!


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