Carpet Cleaning in Ottawa

Carpet Cleaning in Ottawa

It’s Thanksgiving weekend. The turkey is in the oven, the whole family is gathered round. Oh, and little cousin Timmy has drawn all over the playroom rug, Spot has left a present on the basement carpet, Grandpa accidentally spilled some cider on the couch – and your mother-in-law is about to knock on the door. There’s enough to worry about, and making sure your carpets and upholstery are in bright and sanitary condition is just another hassle to deal with. Fortunately, Ottawa’s number one carpet and rug cleaning specialist can handle those messes, and you can focus on enjoying the holiday with your family.

The cleaning staff at JaDoc Inglis are expertly trained and certified in the best standards and techniques of carpet cleaning, repair, restoration, and maintenance. Their proven process ensures that your upholstery, rugs, and carpets are restored to their brightest, cleanest, freshest, and softest nature, with a 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction. Be sure to avoid any DIY carpet cleaning as this can make things much worse.

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The safe and proven procedure is as follows:


Prior to beginning, the staff inspects the material to diagnose and identify existing damage, and forestall any problems that may arise during the cleaning process. Each material presents different challenges, as does each stain, tear, or rough patch. The inspection helps to assess both the state of damage and the best method of repairing or reversing it.

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Test for Colourfastness

Colourfastness is the term used to describe a given material’s resistance to fading or running. Your belongings are valued by the staff, so the test may be administered, especially if there is an indication that dyes on the material may have bled in the past. The goal is to ensure that the material can withstand the use of agitation, spot treatments, and certain cleaning products. This test is conducted on an inconspicuous place on the material.

Determine Proper Cleaning Method

The next part of the evaluation process is to determine the proper method for cleaning, and the proper agents to be administered. Each material is unique, so depending on your carpet’s fibre content, the method and cleaning agents may be adjusted. Fibre contents may be natural, synthetic, or a blend of the two.


Then comes the actual cleaning process. Here, staff carefully apply safe and green preconditioning agents and cleaning treatments. Agitation is applied to work out stains and contaminants. The combination is designed to bring your belongings as close to their vivid original state as possible.

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If required, an assessment is made and post-cleaning spot treatments are employed as necessary. Often, the original clean was sufficient to restore the material, but pesky stains can require this added step. Then, the fabric is rinsed and flushed as thoroughly as possible, clearing out the cleaning agents and leaving only your restored material. Finally, the staff vacuum the material to extract as much remaining moisture as possible.


With the process complete, your upholstery, rugs, and carpets are fresh, vivid, clean, and worthy of being shown off. Should there be any doubt, the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that the staff will return to treat your belongings until satisfaction is met. In the unlikely case JaDoc Inglis does not meet your expectations, you simply do not pay. With dedicated service and such a guarantee, it is no wonder that JaDoc Inglis has won the Consumer’s Choice Award for seven years running and proven themselves as the premiere carpet cleaning option in Ottawa.

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