Canada Day Preparations

Canada Day Preparations

As Canada’s 148th birthday approaches many people have plans set in stone, or are scrambling to figure out where and when the best events are. Prepare, plan and execute your perfect Canada Day by following these expert tips:

Whether you are a Canada Day veteran, or are trekking out for your first big Canada Day adventure, it is imperative that you prepare ahead of time before leaving or inviting people to your house. Although the majority of stores and business are closed tomorrow, most of them have regular store hours today. This means if you need to get groceries, party supplies, or alcoholic beverages make sure you save yourself some time after work to get there. Also keep in mind that stores and restaurants will be much busier today and this evening due to the fact that tomorrow is a stat holiday.

If you’re planning on having people over or attending a BBQ make sure that there is enough food for everyone. You never know who might bring their significant other, or their cousin twice removed!

When you wake up tomorrow morning make sure that all of your last minute planning is taken care of. This can include everything from making sure that you’ve packed the children’s floaty toys, extra sunscreen, water bottles and of course an umbrella as there is a chance of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow! If the case is that this Canada Day is rained out, have a backup plan in mind. Take the kids to go see the newest Disney Pixar movie Inside Out, or visit one of our nation’s capital museums. Other attractions that are open include Fun Haven, Karter’s Korner, and the Rideau Centre.

Whether you plan to visit and friend’s cottage, go downtown for the big celebration, or take the kids to a movie make sure you leave and plan accordingly. Traffic may be more congested than usual, and attractions may be busier than you think, so rather than leaving everything to the last minute, add an extra 30 minutes as a buffer time.

Break out the red and white gear, sparklers and temporary tattoos and show how proud you are to live in such a beautiful country! No matter what the weather, or what your plans are for tomorrow it is bound to be a celebration of all things Canada. Just think, if the 148th birthday celebration is impressive how wonderful the 150th celebration will be!



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