Why to Buy a Home in the Fall

Why to Buy a Home in the Fall

Moving is never an easy decision, nor an easy task to undertake. Whether your search is narrowing down a city, neighbourhood, or just which features you prefer to have, there are so many factors and so many considerations when it comes to finding your future home. Despite these complications, there are things you can do as a home buyer to make your move a little easier. Moving in the fall can actually be ideal, as you avoid difficulties associated with other times of the year and capitalize on the benefits of late-year move. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a home in the fall.

Buyer’s Market

Right now in Ottawa, it is a buyer’s market. There is lots of inventory, giving you a ton of options from which to choose, so you can find the perfect home for you and your family. According to real estate experts, the lingering effects of a “long winter” coupled with hesitant buyers and increased inventory have lead to a relatively soft housing market. Buyers in Ottawa are six weeks behind the traditional buying schedule, while sellers list according to usual rates. This incongruity is good for you, the buyer – more inventory means a likelier chance that you can find your Ottawa dream home at a dream price. But it is a short term phenomenon and will correct itself, so don’t count on this season’s advantage being around much longer.

Moving Vans and Services

With most university students and most apartment renters already having made their moves by September 1st, the hectic days from the moving industry have passed. This is a good thing for people looking to buy in the fall. Moving services are not at a premium, and it is much easier to find convenient scheduling at an acceptable price than at more chaotic times of year. Whether it is renting a moving van, hiring carpet cleaners, or coordinating deliveries of new furniture from a store, all of these services are much more easily arranged in the fall.

Financial Reasons

Now is a good time to buy a home in Ottawa because interest rates are low, making mortgages a better financial decision. Additionally, your tax adjustment and year-end tax breaks will be more beneficial now compared to having bought a house earlier in the fiscal year. Coupled with the softer housing market mentioned above, which means amazing homes are being listed and sold at prices that will soon rise, there are many financial incentives to buy an Ottawa home in the fall.

No Snow

The moving process itself is far easier if you can get in before the frigid temperatures swoop in and the snow starts to pile up. The next couple months are your last chance before spring to save yourself the hassle of trying to move in the chaos, poor driving conditions, and general unpleasantness of travel in winter weather. It also gives you a chance to enjoy and set up your outdoor spaces, including preparing your new garden before winter arrives.


The last few months of the year feature some of our most important holidays and family gathering occasions. If you move now, you can be settled in in time to cart the kids around your new neighbourhood for Halloween, scouting all the best candy-givers. You will feel well settled by the time Christmas, Hanukkah, or your preferred winter celebration rolls around, and you can host your family in the comfort of your beautiful new home.






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