5 Surprising Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

5 Surprising Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Since kitchens are one of the most utilized rooms, they can become more like the showpiece of your entire home. So instead of opting for those modern trends that display subtle hues and chilled accents, why not make it stand out? Here are 5 ways that can help you transform your kitchen.

1. Be Bold

The cabinets of your kitchen don’t have to fall in line with the typical bland look. Throw a little colour into the mix by making your cabinets the main accent colour. You can easily compliment this by adding in other small features around the kitchen in similar colours, such as hand towels or flowers. This will make your kitchen pop!

2. Try a Rustic Look

Since the addition of that rustic, old barn look has become so popular throughout the design world, why not incorporate it into your cabinets? You can look for old style wood to use, or even get creative by scraping away some paint and adding on some classy handles to get that “old world meets new” kind of look.

3. Add Some Colourful Handles

If you’re not feeling brave enough to change up your cabinets just yet, then try adding in a bit of character by personalizing the handles. You can do a quick search online to get ideas of what you might like and where you can pick them up around your area.

4. Get Out the Chalkboard Paint

This one is great if you have kids. If your kitchen is already bright and airy, then why not use chalkboard paint to add some fun and flare to your cabinets? You can draw artistic designs on each section, or let the kids get a little crazy once in a while. When you have guests over, you can simply wash away the scribbles for a more dressed up look.

5. Throw Some Shelving Into the Mix

You can either mix some cabinetry with shelving or just use shelves altogether. You can paint the shelves or leave them fully exposed in order to get that rustic look. Adding in a few hooks for pots and cups will add some variety and charm into the mix as well.

Your cabinets are one of the biggest features in your kitchen, and your kitchen is one of the more noticeable rooms in your home. So get creative with it! Step away from those standard, boring hues and give your home a bit of flare and colour by trying out some of these simple tips and tricks.

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