5 Signs You Need a Humidifier

5 Signs You Need a Humidifier

During the wintertime, the air around you – both inside with your HVAC system and outside from the cold, harsh temperature – can wreak havoc on your skin and body. In some places throughout Canada, the dryness of the air has even been comparable to that of the Sahara Desert. So needless to say, we need to take good care to keep ourselves hydrated. For this reason, a humidifier is so essential since it can place moisture and humidity back into the air. A humidifer is a device that increases relative humidity in the air by adding moisture.

When you’re at home with the heat cranked to the max, chances are you’ve been suffering from excessive dryness. See if you can relate to these five signs, and if you can – it’s time to get a humidifier.

You Experience Static Electricity                               

When you go to touch random areas of your home, especially metal items, are you often met with a static shock? This is called static electricity and it occurs when the air in your home is very dry and is lacking humidity. It can be a nuisance to deal with, especially after doing laundry when clothing clings to a surface.

You’re Frequently Sick

Lack of humidity in the air isn’t just a matter of causing irritancies. It can also be a hazard to your health. When the air is dry it can cause various ailments, such as nosebleeds, asthma, bronchitis, and dehydrate the body. It can also contribute to sinus congestion, which can boost your chances of catching those dreaded colds during the wintertime.

You Have Chapped Lips

Even something as simple as chapped lips are commonly attributed to all of that dry air that they have to endure each and every day.

You Experience Skin Irritations

Since the skin is constantly exposed to the air inside and outside, it can endure some of the most obvious effects of dryness. Many of these include dry sky and chaffing, itchy eyes, brittle hair, and even wrinkles.

A lack of humidity and moisture in the air is something that many of us must face when living in temperate climates where the winters can be long and harsh. So it’s important to protect yourself – both inside and outside – so that you can reduce the likelihood of these symptoms occurring. If you do find yourself enduring some of these related signs – do yourself a big favour and buy a humidifier. Your body with thank you!

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