5 Free Exercise Options

5 Free Exercise Options

Getting healthy is always an attractive option, but the barriers to entry can seem overwhelmingly high at times. Gym memberships carry a high monthly cost and going there routinely can be difficult to manage with a busy schedule. Home equipment is unwieldy and very expensive. Avoid these pricey options and try the following five free exercise options. Adding any or all five of these exercises to your routine will help balance out your lifestyle in no time.


Autumn is upon us, so take advantage of the crisp fall air and incorporate walking into your routine. Simply walking around at a comfortable pace is exercise enough, but you can work your way up to speed walking, jogging, and running as you see fit. Bring a walking buddy for friendly competition or just to chat. While walking around your neighbourhood is enjoyable enough, you can also search online for local walking paths and nature trails to offer variety.

Body weight exercises

You can perform simple but effective exercises with nothing more than your body in the comfort of your own home. Clear an open area and establish a routine by rotating through three sets of fifteen reps of lunges, squats, sit-ups, and push-ups.

Add simple household items to increase weight

In addition to the effective body weight exercises above, you can incorporate everyday household fixtures and items into your routine. A chair can be used to perform triceps dips, while you can run up and down a staircase for cardio exercise. Difficulty can be added to biceps curls by using simple objects like water bottles or bottles of liquid laundry detergent.


Dancing is both a fun stress-reliever and a great way to exercise. You can look up dance lessons online and sashay in front of your computer if you’re looking to learn a specific routine or style. Alternatively, you can just put on your favourite high-energy dance track (or head-banging song, if that’s your preference) and twirl away. Each song takes three to four minutes, so try assembling a playlist of eight to ten songs for a fun but effective workout.


A proper stretching routine is often overlooked in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Though you should stretch before and after every physical activity (even something like walking), starting and ending your day with a full-body stretching routine is relaxing and beneficial. Take the time to stretch all your major muscles, holding each pose for fifteen to thirty seconds. It is free, requires no materials, and is healthy for your body and calming for your mind.

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