Why You Need a Mattress Protector

Why You Need a Mattress Protector

A good mattress is a big investment in yourself and in your wellbeing. Finding the perfect mattress for your body might mean that you have to spend quite a bit of money. Like most big investments you make, you will want to make assurances that your investment is protected. The best way to protect your new mattress is by purchasing a mattress protector.

A mattress protector is not simply the plastic lining that you put on your child’s bed to protect from bed wetting stains. A good mattress protector is actually what will keep your mattress feeling and looking like new. Here are four reasons why you absolutely need a mattress protector on every one of your family members’ mattresses!

It keeps the mattress clean

Think about how much you perspire at night, likely even more than you realize you do. All of that sweat has to go somewhere, and once it soaks through your sheets, and where does it go? Directly into your mattress. We also shed millions of skin cells as we sleep, and they naturally all end up stuffed into our mattresses as well. The mattress protector acts as a barrier for all of the substances that try to enter your mattress. Simply wash the mattress protector and be gone with the filth – one easy step to a healthier mattress!

Keeps the “like new” feel of the mattress

Moisture can be damaging to a mattress over time. By allowing moisture of any sort to seep into the mattress, the foam that gives the mattress its comfy feel will eventually break down and become compressed over time. The mattress could wear quite a bit faster than if it was covered with a mattress protector.

Keeps dust mite allergens under control

Do you ever wake up in a fit of sneezes? One possible reason is because dust mites have settled into your mattress. Dust mites eat dead skin cells, so a mattress without a mattress protector is the prime breeding ground for dust mites. Keep your allergies under control by keeping your bed free of dust mites with a protector!

Keeps stains from hitting your mattress

Having a mattress cover is for more than keeping moisture out. With our increasing tendency to lounge in bed for family movie night, and even for breakfast in bed Sunday morning, stains are a very real possibility. Nail polish, paint, ketchup, and anything else the family may eat in bed are all possible – and likely – culprits for staining your mattresses. Keep your mattress free of stains by simply having a good mattress protector.

Investing in a good mattress protector will help ensure the longevity of your mattress for years to come! We wish you a long, healthy relationship with your mattress.


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